FetLife Review

What? A dating site where kinky happens? If you are signed up on a platform named FetLife, that’s what you have to expect. Kinky fetish used to be something you only see openly done in porn until Fifty Shades made it mainstream. Nowadays, doms and subs have become more popular terms than ever. The kinkier […]


SugarDaddyMeet Review

The term “Sugar Daddy” is welcoming to babes who don’t want to work but want a lot of money. That’s why SugarDaddyMeet created a platform for them with a website of its own. It used to be having to work as high-class escorts or strip club dancers in the hopes of meeting a man that […]


ALT.com Review

Tired of a bland hookup? Why not spice it up with ALT.com? We get you. You’ve realized how much of a dud your hookup is for being painfully vanilla in bed. Luckily, this dating site decided to fill the void. We’re talking hardcore BDSM sex with chains in dungeons while being whipped like a slave. […]

Swingers Date Club

Swingers Date Club (SDC Review)

Have a partner you want to share? Swingers Date Club might be for you. The term “swingers” is pretty obvious already. SDC is like an online swingers party where there’s a variety of people with the same lustful appetite. It doesn’t always have to be porn that spices things up in a relationship. Why not […]

SmartBang.com: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Find a Hot Date

If you’re going to ask me to create a list of the best dating sites that I’ve ever visited, then I might throw in the mix some big names in the industry. But of course, I wouldn’t forget to include SmartBang.com.  Some of you might be a bit surprised especially if this is the first […]

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Review

Who is Ashley Madison? Ashley is the one you go to when you feel like cheating on your wife. She’s the hoop you can score on even when a shot blocker is defending. Seriously, this is the market of Ashley Madison. Men who want to want to cheat on your wife or girlfriend with an […]


Badoo Review

Jerking off to morning wood every waking moment? Well, sometimes you need to save that load matching up to get some real tail. That’s why we tried Badoo. Badoo is a dating site that connects you almost directly to a hookup. It makes real interaction more possible so you will no longer be glued to […]


FuckBook.com Review

Who would name their dating site FuckBook? Apparently one that wants to subliminally imply that their social media platform is for fucking. FuckBook is one dating site that has made a reputation for being hookup-friendly. It’s no secret that they help you get laid online. It’s one of the more popular ones out there due […]


Find-Bride.com Review

There is a thing called mail-order bride which people patronize whenever they become desperate. Find-Bride.com looks to offer the same service for the internet. Find-Bride.com is a perfect site to find a hot European bride fresh from either Russia or Ukraine. Even the hottest athletes look for hot models in Eastern Europe to make their […]


AdultFriendFinder Review

How long can a hookup site survive? Well, ask AdultFriendFinder. Who would have thought this dating site has already been existing since the 1990s? Even Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have a clue about socializing online during that time. You’ve probably heard about AdultFriendFinder in one of your searches for love online. It’s up there with your […]


Fap Chat

Lonely? Horny? Lonely and horny? Are you in dire need of a bang but is too tired to go out? Getting bored of porn videos with repetitive storylines? Want to talk to an actual real-life person but don’t want to get rejected when you start to talk dirty? Just having the strong urge to send […]

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