Jerking off to morning wood every waking moment? Well, sometimes you need to save that load matching up to get some real tail. That’s why we tried Badoo.

Badoo is a dating site that connects you almost directly to a hookup. It makes real interaction more possible so you will no longer be glued to your computer or phone.

Welcome to Badoo

The best dating sites are the ones that upgrade and last in the game. That’s what Badoo is.

They’ve been around for more than a decade now. 14 years to be exact. The company has been offering quizzes and games since 2006 until they spread their own wings in 2016.

Badoo hit it big when they became one of the most downloaded dating apps by 2016.

Not a dating site?

Well, Badoo doesn’t want to classify themselves as a dating site. They’d rather be called another social media platform. Probably it just so happened that it became a good place to find a date.

Badoo’s demographic is mature enough to be on such a platform. It’s mostly composed of adults under 35 looking for casual dating, hookups, and flings.

Badoo’s population

Badoo might be inviting to the males because there are many females you can date. The ratio is 60 to 40 in favor of the females.

It won’t be a sausage fest for the dudes. It’s going to be easier to jump to the next if they get turned down.

Landing on the homepage

badoo members

We already told you that Badoo has a nice landing page. It’s 22 million members away from half a billion.

That’s some serious numbers if you aren’t one of the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).

Killing all catfishes

One thing we tried when we signed up is to use a photo of a B-list celebrity with his shirt off. Surprisingly, it didn’t work.

Badoo asks you to take a photo matching a certain gesture. If you don’t look like it enough, you can’t get in.

This part is tedious but you also have to realize that Badoo is making efforts to kill all catfishes.

It’s all about the clout

badoo profile

Badoo brings you straight to your profile page upon logging in. It makes you fully set up your profile first because you have to make sure people actually believe you exist.

Imagine your popularity rating to be posted on your profile? Scoring “Very Low” won’t do you any favors if you join Badoo just to get laid.

It would have been okay of they just hid the fact and kept it to themselves. There’s an algorithm working to sort suggestions anyway. Maybe it’s a ploy to pay more too.

You have to pay of course

Nope, you aren’t getting this for free. You’ll pretty much pay Badoo just to let them show the world how much of a loser you are. That’s if you don’t have a game in real life.

Badoo tells you upfront that you are in for an upsell the moment you log in. It’s also what’s going to help you score higher on the popularity ratings. It might be one of the few places where you are automatically cool in the eyes of many if you can pay.

Paying bumps you up big time. The problem though is that a lot of people pay to be cool. It’s still a competition after swiping that card.

At least more fans get to see your profile during the testing phase. Increasing your popularity will cost you around $40. Badoo even makes you think you are getting more since they claim that $40 is actually worth $72.

It’s up to you if you want to throw some money on this nice website. If you don’t have “game” or you tick girls the wrong way then that money is burned without purpose.

Make sure you have what it takes to have a premium membership. It lets you chat with popular users first, have your messages seen first, views profiles without anyone knowing, and chat up new users. Make it count!

In fairness to Badoo

badoo dating

The girls surprisingly all look good. Every taste is certainly covered by this platform. It’s one standout positive we see from Badoo.

Expect to find most women ages 19 to 39 to appear on Badoo. It’s a demography of people with regular lives looking for an escape. Well, we can’t blame them since Badoo fronts itself as another social media site. Dating and hookups just happen to come second.

You’ll still receive “send bobs” and Hey baby” on your DMs but the site doesn’t explicitly market themselves as a place for such conversations. It’s more of an open secret.

Even Tinder doesn’t admit to being a hookup site although it obviously has went to that direction. More so Badoo which has all the fuckable babes on the yuppie to cougar territory.

Final thoughts on Badoo

You’re instantly a loser, a creep, a weirdo, or whatever women want to brand men if you are a non-premium member. Remember the rule. If a website does such, it is how they wanted to be perceived as.

There’s just so many pretty babes on Badoo that we forgot the site lacked search filters. Page results can go forever too as we got lost into how many we already have.

Surprisingly, we didn’t have any trouble finding someone DTF who wanted t go out with us. It just so happened that they wanted to explore Badoo too despite the platform’s “wholesome” intent.

It definitely was worth wasting our time on women to talk with. Even some pervs may have benefited from all the fucks given on this site.

It’s another platform to consider when searching for a pool of girls to play through. Hookups do happen here. What we aren’t sure though is what the chances of the “very low popularity” profiles.

At least we made the most out of our expensive attempt to be respected.