The term “Sugar Daddy” is welcoming to babes who don’t want to work but want a lot of money. That’s why SugarDaddyMeet created a platform for them with a website of its own.

It used to be having to work as high-class escorts or strip club dancers in the hopes of meeting a man that will pluck them out of having to work again.

It’s sad but if you just want a hot chick to love you for your money, then  SugarDaddyMeet might be your only hope

13 years of love for hire

SugarDaddyMeet has been hooking people up since 2007. They are even proud of it as written in their About Us section. Some really think that they have to pay to date the girl of their dreams.

It isn’t your typical dating site. You probably don’t need this if you are rich and good looking but if you aren’t this might be your only chance.

The site only serves the top 20 richest countries for a reason. It’s more of a philanthropic project to help these desperate chicks.

They even got a mobile app but it isn’t fully perfect yet. If you plan to hire your future wife, it’s better to use the web version.

Sugar babies on the lose


The men who like to throw money on women need an array of options to choose from. Well, money is involved so it’s sure that chicks will be overflowing on this platform.

Each man who signs up will surely get love for hire. There are currently 761,450+ men on SugarDaddyMeet while there are 2,886,806+ desperate for money as of this writing.

There’s writing at the bottom claiming that the site is “The world’s most frequented site for younger women Seeking Secret Mutual Benefits.” Well, if you’re desperate to find love, then they are desperate for money. That’s what makes it mutual.

Girlfriends with benefits

Sugardaddymeet girls

This wouldn’t be our tone if they didn’t use the term “sugar daddy” in the first place. Well, that’s the point of this website. It still has helped lots of people whether love is genuine or not.

You can make a quick search to find desperate sluts around your area. It cuts the time of booking from an escort site where you aren’t getting anything back for your money.

We noticed a lot of ladies of color on this site. Luckily, they are hotter and sexier statistically than white chicks. That’s why we appreciate Latinas and ebony chicks a lot. Still, there are plenty of white girls ready to spend your wallet.

Gift her to win her

SugarDaddyMeet is obviously for dudes with fat pockets. It’s still surprising how many features we were able to enjoy before we decided to try paying.

The search filters may be limited, but we were still able to see the gold digger’s full profiles and all their photos. It’s just right for the girls to turn to sell themselves to us. Some of them try to prove that they are worthy candidates for spending our money.

You can gift a girl to win her. Well, it’s an option you can use if you want to give her something once you bring her on the first date. You don’t need to do this though because the fact that you will potentially pay her bills in the future is enough of a selling point.

Personally, it’s better to read the profile first before you try to entertain any of them. Besides, what are you to lose besides money? There are at least three to four women for each man.

You don’t need to be a baller. All you need is money.

SugarDaddyMeet experience

sugardaddymeet profile

There’s this one chick that looked like a supermodel with her beautiful face and her sexy slim body. Her outfits weren’t slutty but were rather revealing. Mind you, there’s a difference between slutty and just showing more skin.

Good thing I was on the better side of endowment so this chick didn’t have the right to refuse. How can you say no to a well-endowed man with money?

We tried an opener which she had to respond to. Unfortunately, we needed a premium account so we were forced to pay. That’s when we saw all the locked features you can enjoy for $50 a month. They offer lower terms for longer memberships. We doubt that you will last that long though once someone has listed their name as a beneficiary to your bank account.

In fairness to SugarDaddyMeet, most dating sites charge more for a premium membership. It’s still fair though since you’ll eventually be spending more than $50 per month. might work for you but don’t expect it to be true love. It’s not like your typical $30 per month dating site that acts as a more romantic version of Facebook messenger.

You’ll likely spend the rest of your life with the person you meet on this platform. Just keep the money flowing.

Final thoughts on SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet is obviously for those desperate for love. It’s not for everybody though. The platform is more for the frustrated upper-class man.

For the women, it might be their real-life, Julia Roberts, in “Pretty Woman” experience. They simply won’t get a Richard Gere from Tinder. Men with money have better things to do.

It might be even possible that it’s these men’s secretaries that create their account and print out the lineup of choices. The point here is these men are making enough money to pay for a woman for the rest of their life.

Like we said, this is more of a philanthropic site. It knows what market to hit. The ratio of females to males shows how many lazy women don’t want to work.