Tips to become a cam girl

You may probably be thinking why would I become a cam girl. You may say to yourself ” I don’t want my pictures all over the internet”. It is a valid question. This post will help you realize if being an online model and be woshipped by thousands of men and women around the world is what you want or not. The following lines will give you the tips to become a cam girl.

Regardless of your age, ethnicity, body shape or even religion becoming a cam girl can be the best experience of your life.You may hear a lot of stories about girls complaining or been exploited by studios. There are always success stories and sad stories. So, why to become a cam girll would be good for you? What would being a cam girlcontribute to you as a person? Prepare yourself to  understand what a real cam girl is about.

Gain more self-confidence as a cam girl: Being naked in front of somebody else might be intimidating. Who has never had a nightmare about being naked in a public place? How did you feel about it? Probably ashame, didn’t you? Been naked is exposing oneself in the purest and most sincere form. Nudity can be an expression of our art and been comfortable with nudity would do wonders to the understanding of your own mind and help gain more confidence. If you can be comfortable with having hundreds of people around the world looking at you, believe me, you can give an speech to an entire room and never feel nervous again. Become a cam girl and you will not only convince people with your looks, but also your personality.

Love your body: Some girls would think that they are not pretty enough or not as fit as those magazine models. The answer is, you are pretty enough and you should embrace your beauty. Not even the prettiest girl in the world will be the favorte for each single person. There is people that will like you and people who will prefer others. It happens online, at class, at a bar. The first step to become a succesful cam girl or what camming would give you almost immediately is the love and appreciation of your own body. Just take a look at all the cam sites we have reviewed. Different girls log in every day and engage in fun and sexy chats with guys and girls all over the globe. Once these girls realized they are pretty, they felt comfortable camming and opening up with their new friends.

Blonde cam girl

Get new friends: Camming is not only about taking the clothes off and making money. It is about human interaction. There is people on the other side of the world that wats to talk to somebody new. A camgirl is almost a psychologist who gets to listen her fans experiences and shares her own life with those virtual unknowns who build a bond that is more difficult to break than any other relation you can start with an stranger at a bar. Guys who are into camgirls do not only want tits and ass. They want to fit in. The online community gives them the chance to be real and meet other authentic people like them.

Learn to give a fuck about what others think: Yes, this is very important. People who criticize others because either they can’t do the same but would like to, or because they envy them. You will hear about girls calling cam girls different names. Guys saying cam girls do not have a real job, etc. Camming is a real job. You pay taxes and spend time entertaining others. The people who judge are those who are not happy with their lives, but have to bear with it. Working a 9-to-5 job is not for everybody. It is not better or worse. Once you understand that camming is a real job, it is professional if you handle it right and you are contributing to somebody else happiness without harming anybody, you will understand the power and responsibility of being a cam girl. Give a fuck about what others think. After you do that, you will empowered to become the best cam girl and be anything else you want to be. You have to life your life and not let anybody else decide what is right or wrong.

Be genuine girl: On a cam site, almost like at a bar or nightclub, many girls would like to get guys attention by been sluttier, waiting for guys to do something because they are pretty or even act like they are above everybody else. Those are the biggest mistakes in the cam world. A nice personality and a positive attitude will help you get fans and tips. Do not try to be nice because you have to; just be genuine. From my experience, after watching shows of the likes of of like Ashe Maree, Kaylee Pond, Angela White and Biscuits I could realize that a girl does not need to fit 3 dildos in every hole or be the slut of the month. Just be natural and act as you feel. People get to feel your aura and will know if they want to watch you and tip you or if they should check out other girl. Do not press members to tip you. Models do not like beggers. Fans do not like models who command for tips. Like I said before, you will get a masters in psychology in the field. You will learn to deal with people and deal with yourelf, too.

Be patient with the cam site members: You will come across jerks, cheaps, misogynist and many many weirdos, but you have to be polite and stay true to yourself. It takes time to members to realize that camming is a job like any other, but sometimes more physical and mentally demanding than most. You will have good days and bad ones. It comes with the package. Do your best and learn from other girls without losing your own essence. Camming will do wonders t your slef control and patience.

Make money working in your cam site: You thought this was the first of them all, right? You were wrong. Although becoming a cam girl would help you get extra money or make a career in the online modeling business, you should never put money first. Sounds not believable, but it is tru. Why? So many girls sign up for the money, but end up quitting after manking some thousands and then regret having cammed. Others join cam sites because they think they will buy their next car with it and sit down in front of the computer waiting for money to rain. Those girls are dead wrong. IF you t understand the four benefits above, and live by them, money will flow. Confidence is something that be noticed as soon as seeing somebody for the first time for 3 seconds. A girl self-confident, friendly and who enjoys what she does is going to transmit that the members on the site and has way more probabilities to be a succesful cam girl and make tons of money. Top cam girl make over $40k a month. It is hard to get to that level, but I think that if you get to a 10% of that and study something or learn a job you can do when your cam days are over, you will recall your cam memories with joy.

If you are a girl considering becoming a Camming, know for sure that camming is an will not know if you have that secret talent until you try it. If you are already a cam girl, feel free to share this with your friends and fans. It is always great to have feedback. Visit our cam reviews of the best cam sites. Welcome to the cam world.

Bonus Tip:

Get a unique cam girl name: Sexy slut 69, Blue eyes, I love cock or Emily 2 will not take you anywhere. Imagine you are a breakthrough movie star and you have to pick your stage name. Imagine you are creating a character’s name that when somebody says it out loud you will turn around because they are referring to you. Have a name or last name or include a word that better discribes yourelf: Most of the cam girls that I have seen reached stardom have first name and lat names -and cummings is not one of them-. Take a look at Lily Madison, Jennica Lynn, Ashee Marie, Any Amsel, Nikki Eliot. Some use Sunshne girl, Best tits, Sexy Latin girl and other words that may be helpful to recall.

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