Five Tips to get a cams girls get naked for free

We all want to get cam girls naked for free on webcam sites. Before getting the five tips to do so,  we need to understand know that there are two types of users: The beggers and the good users. The beggers are the ones that command the cam girls to flash their boobs or pussy promising that there will be a private session soon after. The girls are not stupid. The cam girls know those members only want to see a flash and then leave the room. Most of this members are one-liners: “show tits”, “do you like anal”, “you love dick”. Those lines will not take them any further. Even though, some girl are in the mood of getting naked, these kind of members will get them mad and there is a chance the performers turn off their cameras. The following lines will give you tips to get cam girls naked for free and have a good time with them.

The good users are the ones that only tip the model when they put a good show, but are the lucky guys that can even get free tits and private photos and videos. Some of these lucky guys have even got to meet the cam girl in person. So what do you have to do to be a good member without spoiling the cam girl with too many tokens? Take note, here we go! Then you will get a taste of the best live cam site.

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1. Be polite to the cam girls: It is a basic rule, but you wuold be surprised how many rude guys sign in. This obvious behaviour cna take you to heaven. Be nice, ask the girl how her day was. All the girls are humans. They have problems, get sick, have families. Girls like to talk and be heard.

2. Do not suck up to the cam girls: One thing is to give a compliment and another thing is ask how height if a girl asks you to jump off a bridge. Girls do not want guys that say yes to everything they say or throw a nice cute line every single time she says or type something. You will not be taken seriously.

3. Be interesting and get the cam girls interested in you: Know your cam girl. After some chats you will realize what she is up to. There can be hundreds of guys in the room and many even tipping her, but she only directs her attention to you. It is like going out with your friends and grabbing that hot girl’s attention. If you can engage her interest and make her laugh, she will consider you her friend, a friend with benefits.

4. Show the girls you have a life: Make her feel that she is talking to a confident guy who knows his shit. Even if you are not one of those guys that want to go out of home and just jerk off while watching porn. This is related to the “Be interesting” tip, but emphasizes the idea that you do other stuff in life and that she would love to be part of it somehow.

5. Cam to cam with the girls: When you have the chance to see each other in private chat. Allow her to watch you. There is nothing better than see who you are talking with. It creates a stronger bond. It doesn’t matter if you are bold, fat, hairy, etc. She has to see you. You have to be confident of yourself as much as she is of herself. Most of the cam sites allow cam2cam and you have to maximize this opportunity.

You may not meet your future wife – although- there are a couple of cases of girls who married their cam members; can’t recall the names of the models-, but you will be able to enjoy more free naked girls than anybody else. Read all the reviews on thsi site and you are ready to cum.