Lonely? Horny? Lonely and horny? Are you in dire need of a bang but is too tired to go out? Getting bored of porn videos with repetitive storylines? Want to talk to an actual real-life person but don’t want to get rejected when you start to talk dirty? Just having the strong urge to send a dick pic to someone without being an asshole? I have some good news for you and your horny dick. Presenting… Fap Chat.

Fapchat is both a cam site and chatroom. You get to watch live sex shows but you also get to talk one on one with other members of Fap Chat or other cam models and porn stars. Just sign in, search for someone who’ll make your dick stand up, chat for a while, exchange nudes or randy videos, and jerk off! That’s it! Everything is free, you just need to sign up.

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Put it in, quick!

In Fap Chat, you can really put it in quick. You would not need too much foreplay in being a member. Create an account, answer questions about your age, marital status, body type, ethnicity, sexual preference and you are in and ready for cumming!

Again, everything is free. No hidden charges, recurring fees, none of that! Your next fap friend will be in a moment’s reach just right after signing up. And you will surely have a quick release because Fap Chat’s interface is really straightforward and absolutely easy to use.

So Many Choices to Fap With!

Fap Chat has thousands of models for you to choose from. And who said that you even have to choose one? When you are so horny you can just fap with every one of them. And that would not be impossible as all of them are incredibly hot and extremely fappable. In fact, it is even more likely for your dick to start numbing before you get bored with the models of Fap Chat.

Give Me Them Nudes!

There is something about the exchange of nudes that is so simple yet beautiful. I don’t know if it is the process of thinking and planning on the pose that you will do or the angle of a photo on how you would shoot your nude. Personally, sometimes prefer it more than actual cybersex. If you are like me and you just really love collecting nudes. You know, for future purposes, if you know what I mean. You will surely enjoy Fap Chat’s chatrooms.

In Fap Chat you can freely chat up the models, ask them for nudes, maybe send one too, and enjoy the art that is their body and grab on to your dick. It is really a lot like talking to strangers on social media or sliding into someone’s DM. The only difference is, in Fap Chat a dick pic would be welcome and would not be considered as harassment.

Now if you are more of a cam site fan, there are still plenty of live shows to watch and fap to.


Have a certain reputation to protect? Maybe you don’t want people in your real-life knowing your kinks for feet? Afraid of getting judged? Don’t worry! Fap Chat is a safe space for everyone who only wants a good time! Fap Chat makes sure that everyone remains anonymous unless they chose to disclose their selves to other people.

Have fun on Fap Chat and don’t forget to wipe!