Who is Ashley Madison?

Ashley is the one you go to when you feel like cheating on your wife. She’s the hoop you can score on even when a shot blocker is defending.

Seriously, this is the market of Ashley Madison. Men who want to want to cheat on your wife or girlfriend with an online fling. This dating site knows voids in the institution of marriage.

How about we talk about this dating site that’s got us curious about what will happen when the missus isn’t watching?

Welcome to Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is all about discretion. That’s why you’ll see half a face of a woman shushing you upon landing on the website.

It’s a place for secret hookups with women who are probably as horny as you are. The bottom line here is everyone on Ashley Madison isn’t happy in their current relationships. Why will they be here if they are, right?

Feeling lonely? Then you’ve come to a place where lonely babes are just as unhappy as you. It’s kind of weird that the site condones cheating but it’s their niche. Well, it’s not like these sad relationships need more destroying

It’s simply a sign up on Ashleymadison.com away from being officially over. This website has probably formalized a ton of breakups already.

We didn’t want to accuse this site of intentionally breaking people up but with a slogan like “Life is short. Have an affair,” it officially gives all people the authority to legally accuse them of condoning infidelity.

What’s more surprising is that 13 million people have thought of cheating based on the site’s views every month. Those are only the ones that have heard of Ashley Madison. Imagine the total number of cheaters here on earth?

They’ve been breaking relationships since 2001. That’s nearly two decades of immoral matchmaking.

Sign up and view profiles for free

ashley madison profiles

Good thing signing up for Ashley Madison is free. We can now easily threaten a chick by creating an account when they do not value our worth.

Obviously, you have to enter some personal info and an email address to verify the account. The site even recommends you use a burner email to lessen your chances of being caught.

Surprisingly, Ashley Madison can keep your identity secret despite requiring you to upload a profile pic. They can blur your photo unless you match with someone. Imagine matching with your actual partner? Let’s not wish that though.

The site requires you to indicate more personal info like your height, weight, language, and even your vices.

The most important part is indicating what kind of relationship you’re looking for. You can go no strings attached or long-term replacement.

Filter and find your side chick

Search filters are specific. You can even toggle how you want to fuck your side fling. Things can go from oral to orgies real quick!

You can even indicate what type of person you think your perfect match is. Choose whether you want high libido or high on drugs. We’re serious here! It’s really part of the sophisticated search.

Of course, there are hobbies and interests if you want something more subtle with a fling. Besides, hobbies are the greatest excuse whenever a person is cheating. You can simply say “we were playing tennis.” LOL

Ashley Madison takes care of your money

Ashley Madison has a unique system that lets you control how you spend. That means no bill shocks once that credit card bill comes out. Your money is taken care of in a way.

Viewing profiles and their photos are all free. Not a lot of dating sites do that. The only things that you won’t see for free are the ones that the owner decides to lock.

You don’t pay monthly memberships for this one. What you do is purchase credits that allow you to talk to potential hookups. It’s probably the site’s way of lessening some of their guilt.

Call it prepaid infidelity.

Plan to cheat on a business trip?

“Business trips” are another excuse people use to cheat. However, if you are on a real business trip, why not try to message as many hookups in the city you plan to visit.

Ashley Madison has this awesome travel feature where you are allowed to message up to 30 potential hookups from a different location.

That means if you have some business to attend to in Paris, you can message 30 Parisian women you fancy before you even land on French soil.

Great mobile site

ashley madison mobile

The nice thing about this platform is that you don’t necessarily need to be logged on to your computer. They have a mobile site too.

Though Ashley Madison doesn’t have an app, they did the next best compromise, which is to give it good mobile optimization. That makes cheating easier because you can hide everything as you do with a text message.

It’s visually pleasing as well with a hot pink theme just like its web version. Then, we tried viewing profiles and photos which didn’t show any cause for concerns.

Ashley Madison made their mobile site as clean as they want you to be when you do your cheating.

Honest thoughts on Ashley Madison

Fortunately, we were just trying the site out and stayed loyal with our respective partners. The credit system can be credited for it since we only had to make do with 100 credits. It was enough to show us how good the site is though.

We chose to keep our information completely discreet just so none of our horny acquaintances would stir some gossip in real life. They masked our photos and information according to how much we wanted it hidden. That’s how we can say the respect for privacy is there.

The bottom line here is it’s a good place to run to when your girlfriend or wife is either too lame or treats you as such. It’s more for fun rather than something to be taken seriously. Unless you are on a pure love dating site.

Ashley Madison condones infidelity so be sure to sign up at your own risk.