Have a partner you want to share? Swingers Date Club might be for you.

The term “swingers” is pretty obvious already. SDC is like an online swingers party where there’s a variety of people with the same lustful appetite.

It doesn’t always have to be porn that spices things up in a relationship. Why not jump aboard some fellow open-minded people that spice things up? For all you know it might lessen infidelities.

We’ll talk about it though. Welcome to Swingers Date Club.

Swingers Date Club is “NOT”  a Porn Site

Swingers Date Club is more of an online community than actual porn content. It’s an online publication for the modern sex-positive individual.

Some attend swinger parties to understand their sexuality further. It’s also a chance to connect with others who seek the same.

If you are curious about what ethical polygamy is, then SDC tells you all about it. They have all the tips you need on your next sex club visit or what to look for in a group of swingers.

A bunch of useful swinger articles

swingers date club articles

SDC has a bunch of useful articles a swinger can use. There are write-ups about etiquette, relationships, and even new techniques surrounding those worlds. There’s also a bunch of how-to articles on how to go about dealing with swinging.

The good thing about SDC is it’s not all about sex. There are also sections dedicated to traveling with your partner and how to keep things romantic in your own personal relationships.

You’ll probably want to see first how to get through a dry spell together before attending swinger groups. Judging by what we saw, it doesn’t condone polygamy or joining swingers off the bat.

It’s actually more of a content website with an established niche rather than just another tackles sex blog.

The website itself

The site has a neat design which you will notice upon landing. The minimalistic approach is nice especially if you want to establish yourself as a decency-first site.

To be honest, the logos and text can use a little more rescaling to a bigger size. The aesthetic already looks very professional. It looks like a legitimate publication already. All it lacks is more size on its logos and texts.

Might we suggest that the lifestyle publication theme that the site most likely used can be edited to optimize the raw materials such as the picture for logos. Regardless, this one already looks decent enough in an industry as wild as adult entertainment.

What to expect in Swingers Date Club

swingers date club site

Swingers date club has a bunch of sections which makes it impossible to not hit one of your interests.

You can easily explore some articles and general topics as you scroll down. It caters to several interests including Group, Sex, Kink, Erotic, LGBTQ+, Relationship, Health, Media, Travel, and More.

Good thing each article’s thumbnail image is relevant. You won’t need to worry about catchy clickbait with contents that don’t deliver at all.

The categories are quite self-explanatory. An irrelevant thumbnail image can set each piece off. Besides, there’s a short introduction or synopsis which acts as the preview of the article anyway.

The selections are like a trendy collage which some magazine websites employ with their theme. It adds to the professional-feel despite the kink in its content.

There are audio and video content too!

swingers date club video

Swingers Date Club also has videos. Sorry to disappoint you but they aren’t porn videos. No faps of bean flick until the actual swinger party for you.

The focus of the site is to create useful content so you get educational Q&As and informative, educational videos only. It’s not all text media, right? There needs to be variety as your audience grows.

An awesome thing we are going to use more often is SDC’s breadth of podcasts. It’s perfect while on the commute or in the middle of some boring chores that need some background noise to keep entertaining.

Basically, the site knows how to reach you even when you’re busy.

Giving Sexuality a better image

Swingers Date Club fills an institutional void in the adult industry. It’s bringing in another necessary niche in the world of relationships.

Consider it an outlet for their curiosities, kinks, relationship troubles, and ethical hanky pankies. If you are sexually active and are starting to lose spice, this site is for you.

Though some may still consider sex as an inappropriate topic for public consumption, most areas of society won’t find SDC too obscene or vulgar.

The main focus of SDC is to offer a new perspective. It aims to educate people on what sex really means and discuss such topics for educational purposes.

Some articles may sometimes be provocative to your thoughts but that’s just the hormones raging.

Final thoughts on Swingers Date Club

Swingers Date Club

Those with a closed mind may have issues with morality. At the end of the day, swinging is. Considered polyamory and SDC promotes it to becoming more socially acceptable someday.

There will be its detractors but we can’t blame the writers. Even God’s good intentions get judged. What’s SDC’s right not to be?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t explicitly force people to break ethics. It’s their free will that decides whether that will be the direct intention.

At the end of the day, it’s about satisfying sexual curiosities which can sometimes consume a person both mentally, and emotionally. SDC probably understands this which is why they are on the subtle side of adult content.

As for the obvious positives, the site has an awesome design that suits its thought-provoking content. All it wants is to promote sex-positivity whilst being very informative.

Some are probably looking for porn but it’s not the purpose of Swingers Date Club. You can force them all you want but expect no avail.