How long can a hookup site survive? Well, ask AdultFriendFinder.

Who would have thought this dating site has already been existing since the 1990s? Even Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have a clue about socializing online during that time.

You’ve probably heard about AdultFriendFinder in one of your searches for love online. It’s up there with your Tinder and OkCupid in terms of recognition.

Do we recognize AdultFriendFinder the same way? Here are our thoughts.

An overview of AdultFriendFinder


Want another fun fact? AdultFriendFinder broke the top 100 for most popular websites in the United States. That’s across all types of websites including online banking and sports betting.

They’ve also built a strong online presence judging by how often they appear on porn site pop-up ads. Want critical acclaim? They have that too!

AdultFriendFinder has won multiple awards including Dating Program of the Year at the XBIZ awards in 2010, Best Adult Dating Site by in 2012 above many more.

Heads up before you swipe that card

Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you of possible problems with billing. The site has been accused of allegedly being fraudulent with their billing.

Not only do numerous members have complained about such, but the scary part is also AdultFriendFinder hasn’t found a way to fix this. It’s standard policy according to its employees.

Well, this is only a heads up. Of course, it’s your fault for not reading the terms and fine prints before swiping. You could always cancel but chose not to.

Regardless, the site could have been shut down and the owners put behind bars if it were legitimately fraudulent. It’s a maybe/maybe not type of opinion.

What to do on AdultFriendFinder

adultfriendfinder profile

We love a dating site that allows us to do plenty of things. AdultFriendFinder allows you to slide into DMs, join private chat rooms, view webcams, read blogs, and even spend extra time on networks’ webzine.

They also have a feature where you can send “flirts” the same way you poke someone on Facebook.  Even the fact that you can add photos and give out likes and add comments on the material is like the popular social network. Of course, it comes with a price.

Pay for peace

You might encounter some chatbots that offer your business. It may sound crazy but it’s the only legal way the business can give you as leads.

Want your life to be quieter? Try paying and the site suddenly goes quiet unless you have a ton of chatmates and dates.

Sometimes you just have to be willing to pay the price if you want a sure place to score a hookup upon the meetup phase.

Web design

The site is another form of social media away. It has established itself as a place to look for fucks online. It’s the road you walk in your quest for the vertical smile.

To be fair, the site is decently designed. It looks like a serious dating site from the get-go. You cannot expect anything cleaner on such a landing page.

It may not have the caliber of Facebook but a bunch of search options allows you to filter as if you are stalking to the last detail.

AdultFriendFinder is pretty much like a standard social media site platform minus some guidelines. Obviously, it’s a place to score some hookups. You’ll realize it upon first use.

AdultFriendFinder Webcam experience

We’ve already established how AdultFriendFinder is a social networking site. It’s different from others in terms of camming experience though.

First is the selection of live cams. There are some that you can publicly view while you need to pay for others. You must subscribe or pay in some form.

Another cool thing is you can score a mini gig out of it by broadcasting your own live cam feed for a few tips. Good luck with making it a sustainable thing though.

Value for money

adultfriendfinder webcam

AdultFriendFinder is a good place to fool around especially if you have the money to throw. You’re definitely going to have a blast if that’s the case.

Let’s be real though. You won’t pay a little bit of extra for something you can get for free.

However, you won’t pay something that feels overpriced no matter how unlimited your funds are and mind you, AdultFriendFinder charges for everything.

We can’t really answer the value for the money part because we are willing to pay to try things out but that might not be the case for you.

Final thoughts on AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a legit place to meet people for sex. It has enough interactive tools to get the job done for its purpose.

Credits to its good site design too which makes it look as welcoming as it is. Of course, we can’t ignore the site’s easy cam broadcast which you can use to earn tips if you have enough confidence to do so.

We’re kinda set off by claims of alleged fraud despite them monetizing literally everything on their platform. We are giving it the benefit of the doubt for now and hope it doesn’t happen to us.

Overall, the legitimacy of this website is for real. It’s the integrity that usually gets questioned by many.