Tired of a bland hookup? Why not spice it up with ALT.com?

We get you. You’ve realized how much of a dud your hookup is for being painfully vanilla in bed. Luckily, this dating site decided to fill the void.

We’re talking hardcore BDSM sex with chains in dungeons while being whipped like a slave. This is the type of hookup site that will change your online dating game.

It’s probably better to be hurt with kinky play rather than getting rejected or turned down by a match. It’s better she shuts you down with a ball gag, right?

Anyway, we’re talking about the site that makes you feel like Christian Grey on your online date. What’s with Alt.com? Here’s what we noticed.

ALT.com features tons of options


First and foremost, it’s free to sign up and is relatively easy. Just think of the wildest username and an email you can verify your ALT account on.

Then, plug in what kind of people you’re interested in to filter out suggestions. Want something interesting? Try making your profile as a couple for swingers. The kink in that is definitely going to get wilder.

You can narrow down which types of people you can see on your news feed. You can even define your sexual orientation and the role you play in bed. That’s going to give others an idea of how to play with you during sex.

Indicating your body type will also help your chances because it’s one of the main things people look at when they filter their fetish. The capper is indicating your role and the kinks you have.

Matching on this site is definitely going to be brutally fun. We mean literally.

Check out the Q&A

You can make your mark on the “Questions & Answers” tab where not only you can learn a bunch of BDSM stuff but you can answer a bunch of BDSM questions yourself too. You can be as detailed as you want on this.

We’re talking about answering questions like “What roles are OFF limits to you,” “What are your favorite toys,” and other sex questions. You can fill out three over a hundred questions. It’s extremely helpful especially when it comes to BDSM where somebody really gets consensually hurt.

The point is there are just so many kinks that you haven’t probably heard of or want others to know about. You basically give your hookup an idea of what brutally turns you on.

Creating your profile

alt.com profile

The only way you can send messages and view profiles and posts is if you create an account. You must sign up first to be able to take advantage of the feed.

How can you share your sexiest photos and videos without an account, right? It’s still social media despite its BDSM nature.

The only problem though is there are alleged bots on this site. A new account is usually the victim judging by the five messages we got from a very game chick upon signing up.

How did we know they are bots, their profiles are empty. Shady, right?

Customize your ALT.com profile to find the right match

alt.com members

Of course, you need to customize your profile according to the types of people you want to match with. It’s better to explore the profile feed first where you’ll see the people closest to you.

After figuring out who you want to play as you can check out the like profiles you are likely to have a good match with. At the end of the day, it’s more than hookups. Brutal fucks are given on this platform.

The “kinky” feed

You can scroll through ALT.com’s feed to check out the latest updates on the people you follow or the ones nearby.

You can see some of their homemade videos and kinky pics. The like and comment feature is present on this site so you can send love to the person whose kink you fancy. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay to view the actual photo and video.

It’s basically like any other social media site. This one just happens to focus on BDSM. And, you have to pay up for some of the extra perks of course.

Contribute to the ALT.com community

alt.com community

Another selling point of ALT.com is its community. You can check out people with different kinks and interests sharing their experiences and thoughts.

You can find all of this on the site’s “Community” page where there are some good blogs, discussions, chat rooms, and magazines that are a must-read. It’s the place you go to for like minds converging.

Consider it as a freedom wall for BDSM thoughts.

Their mobile version seems neater

The mobile site is probably more used than the desktop version judging by how much neater it is. Navigating through the site options alone feels easier on our mobile device. To each their own though.

Still, ALT.com will do better if they prioritized optimizations on their desktop site since kinky stuff usually happens in the bedroom. It just feels easier with a webcam and computer rather than your phone’s selfie camera.

If you are just consuming content though, the mobile site will work for you.

Final Thoughts on ALT.com

We enjoyed exploring the many fucking features ALT.com has. It seriously covers everything a BDSM lover is looking for. Even we who are more of a jack of all trades enjoyed this particular trade.

From the dating part down to the actual discussions, this site has a lot of great content. We haven’t mentioned the photos, videos, and live cams that spice things up even more.

If there’s something Alt.com can work on, it’s probably its navigation. At least the mobile site fixed its side. It’s time the desktop version does the same. Of course, it’s the developers we want to talk to about this.

Overall, we recommend Alt.com if you want a fetish-filled hookup off the bat. Just be ready to become tortured and tied playfully. Multiple parties are encouraged too since swingers can sign up.

Dating a dud in bed is something you only find out once you do the deed. Why not score dates through a platform that gives you kinky on the onset?