Are you into shemales? If you are, then I might have the perfect adult entertainment site for you. 

Lo and behold! TSDates — a premium adult transsexual dating site.

I’ve tried other tranny dating platforms before and I’ve noticed that I was less likely to find a gorgeous shemale who’s willing to have fun. It’s like I visited a ghost town. 

Luckily, on TSDates, it has over 100 million registered members. That’s why there might be a good chance for me to find tons of transsexual hotties that might give me the time of my life. 

Find lots of trannies in your city


Upon arriving at TSDates’ homepage, I saw that it has an impressive collection of stunning ladyboys. As a matter of fact, they were so pretty that it was almost impossible for me to believe that they have dicks between their legs. 

Those chicks with dicks I saw seemed to be models, and chances are, they might really be. 

During my visit, there were over 90,000 users online. See? It’s a huge tranny site, man. 

However, I wasn’t able to check out its features as it required me to sign up — and that’s alright with me. I mean, who would even pass an opportunity like this? 

So yeah, I instantly went to the account registration page and signed up for an account. One of the reasons that got me excited to check out what it has in store for me is its claims that it has 1.5 million members in my city alone. And dude, that’s way more than I expected. So it really piqued my interest and I wanted to find out if it’s true. 

Thankfully, the registration was fast and easy. It only asked me if I was a tranny, a broad, or a dude. And of course, it also required me to be specific on what I’m looking for. 

There was also a form that asked about my sexual orientation, my body type along with other personal details. But it’s up to you if you’re going to fill it out or not. 

After that, I picked my preferred username and wrote a short bio. It then sent me a registration email, I clicked it, and voila! I was officially a part of TSDates. It’s as simple as that. 

TSDates might require a fee


Yes, you read that right — this platform may ask you for money. 

After clicking the link on the email they sent to confirm my account, I was directed to a page that asked me to enter my preferred payment method. 

Monthly Gold membership can cost you $40 but by default, the site will try to offer you a one-year membership which costs $240. However, if you’re married, you might want to find a believable explanation if your wife finds out about your credit card bill. 

The good thing about a Gold membership is it can give you access to millions of shemale profiles, sexy photos, and videos of individuals that you might want to hook up with. But of course, you might want to take note that in order to get laid, you might have to spend a few more bucks. 

I have to admit that I was surprised when TSDates gave me a hint that it’s not yet done draining my wallet. It offered me an option called Enhance Your Plan With Standard Contacts that can cost me $21 per month. But then again, it tried to hook me up to a full-year plan. 

Unfortunately, for TSDates, I was on a strict budget and I don’t think that I’d be willing to spend $350 for a year. 

Well, I guess that the Standard Contacts Enhancement option might be for those dudes who have a lot of money to spare. You know, the “rich people” as they call it. 

Moreover, Gold members may have unlimited access to every single member on the site but the free members might find it impossible to view Gold members’ accounts. And they can’t even send them a message. What a bummer, right?

I guess the team behind TSDates intended to make it work this way so people may spend more money than they should. 

You can flirt with trannies for free


The payment page might look like it’s leaving you with no choice but to enter your credit card details, but you’re wrong. If you think you’re not ready yet, you can always click on the home button. 

Here’s my final say

All in all, TSDates is a very active shemale dating site that’s full of real trannies. 

So yeah, explore this platform and have your most-awaited fun!