Eastern Europe is filled with hot girls that look like regular people to the locals there. That’s why a Russian cam girl thrives when their streams reach more westernized regions. Some of them might even have crossed borders to Czech Casting.

We love watching live streams because the action is more spontaneous there. It’s like enjoying porn without its scripted nature. The fresh faces of some of them are a bonus. Some even want to become a cam girl in the hopes of easy money.

Sit back and relax because this is going to be a long one as we bring to you our Top 20 Russian Cam Girl Videos.


Russian teenagers galore

These girls are obviously teenagers and the boys too when they showed their faces. Things like this might not be taboo in Russia because they seem to have enjoyed each other’s company.

The hotter one of the two looks too nice that she opted for the boy with the smaller cock. Just goes to show how nice and fine the cute girls in Russia are regardless of your imperfections.

This one surely tickled even my own imagination.

Young Russian teens can go wild too!

We have the Russian girl duo t.A.T.u. to blame for creating a huge influence on Russian teens even to this day. Well, it might be a norm in their culture anyway that’s why Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova became so popular.

Notice that the brunette Russian has a tattoo. It just goes to show how liberated the people in Siberian Europe are. These are the types of girls that are welcoming to high school nerds like you who only dream of action like this.

Time to gather all that babysitting money to travel to Russia to score on teens like these.

Redhead alert in Mother Russia

Expect a lot of lesbo stuff to make this list because that’s Russia for you. If t.A.T.u does if for musical art, how much more for an industry that makes money out of sex? Sorry for too much t.A.T.u reference but we are just honest.

Teens again make an appearance in this video as these two redheads go torrid for 24 freaking minutes! they really look like the wild bitches in college. That’s if people in Russia need to go to college. Russian models like these are hot enough to make a name for themselves in North America.

Russian couples do live sex

This wouldn’t have been classified as a cam girl video if not for the keyboard beside the guy. We know these horny ass mofos are streaming live on high definition and letting the world know how hot she is and how big his cock is.

Lucky us that we are all watching this Russian chick and we can watch her do that to us too all day. It’s even pretty impressive how subtle Mr. Big Dick is in pounding his girl. his hot girlfriend didn’t even look like she was in agony one bit.

Wild dorm nights

Is this what Russian college girls really do in their dorm rooms? It’s time to pack my bags and study in Russia then. we can all use a dorm room like this if it means doing 69 with a girl.

Wild stuff like this is the reason I like watching Russian cam girls. Well, all of Eastern Europe to be fair. Things like these just seem so casual to them.

How much wilder could things have been if it were still one whole powerful U.S.S.R.? That’s almost all of Eastern Europe.

Possibly banned Russian Twitch stream

Twitch has guidelines when it comes to streaming. This one probably aired on the gamer-dominant platform before Zirael got banned. This wild tatted Russian chick knows how to please her viewers.

The gamer-esque lighting and her use of toys are highly appreciated in this video. She’s one of my Russian cam girl favorites because the ink suddenly looks less badass when I am having sex with her.

All I know is I will fuck Zirael one of these days and she will ask for more. This isn’t a criminal premeditation. We’re going to make it as casual or romantic as possible.

It’s up to her what she prefers.

Russian cam girl trio roulette

Two Russian cam girls going lesbo is hot enough but three? You got to be serious right now!

This video is rather less-bo as the three are just acting sexy on cam. Who are we to complain since it’s where the tease comes from. Those see-through clothes are what we wish our partners had in their wardrobes.

Never mind the boob size of the girl in black. She’s the hottest one for me and she’s the one likely to go places with her career. Besides, she’s already in so many dirty places in my mind.

She toys around the whole time

This Russian cam girl was having sex with her toy the entire time as she would do with a man. Too bad Ms.Dildova here doesn’t have a partner to have sex with on her live streams so she decided to resort to her pink dildo instead.

Now I know what positions to use on Ms. Dildova once I get the chance to meet here. It’s Eastern Europe. These things happen.

Lesbian Russian cam girls create their own cum

Does Russian girl saliva double as cum? There’s a lot of it spewed in this video as these two inked lesbos play with spit as they treat it like a dicks cum that they are passing through each other’s mouths.

I’m starting to appreciate dreadlocks now especially if a Russian girl like this can pull it off. For one moment there I imagined myself to be one of the girls with a dick that feels each deep throat.

Never mind the excessive amounts of spit. Just think of them as your own cum.

Russian girls have the deepest throats

For the nth time, we’re doing lesbians again? No complaints here. We’re just impressed with how these girls can swallow a fat dildo whole. You can literally see their throats moving!

I can now picture how much deep my endowment can go for these girls. They should feel challenged because I will go leaps and bounds for them to know that mine is better than the dildo they are mouthing.

It was actually what I was thinking of as I was watching this whole video.

What the heck?!

We usually find pregnant porn so sick but it’s real life and this happens. Apparently, stuff like this isn’t taboo in Russia as this teen couple didn’t hesitate to do it on cam.

It’s quite cringing to watch, to be honest, but it’s one of the more relevant ones on PornHub so we decided to include it for the benefit of those who have a fetish for it.

Bring in the machines

We’re starting to get tired of talking about Russian lesbos live streaming but this one deserves to be written about too. Do you see those toy machines on the left? It’s actually what for me drawn to this video.

As you can see, these girls know how to turn a guy on despite prioritizing each other’s company. Well, I actually liked how they had the balls to have their upper arms inked and still act like a girl that just wants to be fucked.

I would fuck them if they would allow.

Pounded down under

Turn on galore? Talk about your girlfriend being stuck under the bed and instead of helping her out, you pound her in even more by inserting your dick in her behind and continuously pound her while she enjoys it as captured on cam under the bed. The video is short so let’s just leave it here.

Darth Maul Dildo

Did she just chop off Darth Maul’s dick because she’s got a double-edged dildo like the Star Wars Episode 1 villain’s sword? I’d still buy into this because at least she’s got one for the butt and one for her pussy.

Livestreaming her horniness

Here we are again with a tatted chick that has nothing better to do than stream herself live while naked. Well, we enjoyed it again since it’s a full our of us jerking off for every quarter.

Narrating the happenings on this video will take us forever so we’ll just keep it for your own viewing pleasure.

Russian redhead gives is a very close tease

These wild Russian redheads don’t seem to run out of horniness in them. Just look at Ovelymila here that enjoys sitting on her gaming chair teasing use with near nip slips as she presses the vibration of her sex toy onto her see-through panties.

Why can’t we just get more of her? Remember that she’s posting this on PornHub where much of the stuff is free. You got to pay her to get more of her. I paid so I know what it looks like under there.

Hot Russian brunette wants you to come over

At least this Russian brunette showed more of herself as those black bra and denim shorts comes off a few minutes later. She’s probably making this show to tease her boyfriend who probably is rushing to see her the moment he received this.

Videos like these make us appreciate Russian cam girls even more.

This girl just wants to have fun

NicolettXXX is surely having fun in all her dildo montages as she can surprisingly stuff an entire dildo in her mouth like a competitive eater. The Cindi Lauper background music describes her feeling in the making of those dildo blowjobs.

Foursome live

This is more like a full-length porno but the fact that they chose to stream it live means it falls under the cam girl category. It looks that way too with the lighting and the hair colors reminiscent of a longtime streamer.

Rarely do we see as much people become active in a live stream but at least we get quality ones out of Russia.