The world’s biggest porn site has an amateur division and it’s filled with interesting content. Just check out PornHub Amateur division when you are looking for free porn on the internet.

You’ve got to have jerked off to at least one PornHub video already in the past. We’re ready to bet all human existence that 100% of porn watchers have visited the site at least once.

They own a bunch of other big porn sites you’ve probably visited as well. You’re probably one of the hundreds of millions of users the network brings in on a daily basis.

It’s time we talk about its amateur division.

Amateur division

There’s no denying how big PornHub is. It’s safe to say that they are the most successful in the industry today.

We could have simply written a PornHub review but its size has brought us to divide it into divisions thus, the amateur division.

The most ambitious content can be found here. It’s been home to either hopeful making home videos of themselves or starlets who flock the mainstream amateur scene.

Even the Riley Reid and the Johnny Sins of the industry has to start somewhere. Before they become big, their potential first has to be discovered in some crappy video.

Consider it the breeding ground for the next big pornstars.

PornHub Amateur community

pornhub community

You can’t be big without building a healthy community especially in a world where even the unsuspecting girl becomes an instant pornstar just by going viral. That’s what the community is for.

PornHub has a healthy and innovative integration of the community on its platform.  Some people just want to record themselves with a decent camera or a smartphone and let the community talk about them. Others just want pure discussion.

You can simply contribute with a free account. Upload, like, comment, follow and interact with the rest of the community. You can even interact with some amateur starlets when they have the time.

The easiest site for amateur content

PornHub amateur alone is so big that it’s arguably the biggest for it. It’s like Google for amateur content.

You can check out the future fetishists in training as you search for keywords like redheads and goths and you’ll get some amateur shit on them. It’s so big that it’s so complete.

We can also say that you can rely on the amateur division to research on the best platforms for premium amateur content. A good gauge is the rating system where you can select among the top-rated and most viewed. We say you must give the grainy home videos a chance too.

Mind you, the sex scandals might even be hiding here and they are the same quality as the Kim Kardashian-Ray J sex tape.

The big dogs play here too!

What makes PornHub so big aside from its community is the fact that even the big dogs are contributors to the site.

Premium amateur sites such as Brazzers or Reality Kings have made it a platform to dish out free content or upload teasers of their paid material.

These big dogs have set the bar for authenticity in making amateur videos. Although theirs can be more scripted than home videos at least it’s still where the future of porn begins.

Even the heavily-funded productions know how closer to reality homemade porn feels. They just put a lot of value in their work.

The PornHub amateur experience

pornhub alice

We first gave homemade content a chance. We were very meticulous with this one as we chose someone who would likely be popular someday.

The camera the blonde chick used might be a film-level camera because the only thing lacking was an actual studio set. We’re gonna give props to whoever is the cameraperson for that video because he was the one who had a first-hand experience watching this girl play with her boyfriend’s in more ways than one.

Next on our amateur’s queue was a POV video of a cheerleader who seemingly looked like a high schooler alone at home while her parents were out working. It gets crazy as she took off her panties and proceeded to play with her toys. She did it so well that pee might easily spew whenever she does cartwheels.

Of course, we also showed FakeTaxi some love as we watched a naïve Russian chick find out that her trip to Moscow will become via the moan-scow route. She moans so loud that we should thank car manufacturers for the invention of windows.

Personal favorite? Check out Alice Redlips.

Final thoughts

pornhub amateur

We’ll start first by suggesting how we wish PornHub would ban the upload of short videos. There’s nothing a man can get from one minute or less. Not even the highest sex drive would get a pop out of that.

Another thing we may recommend is for them to do quality assurance on all home videos. We understand it’s a tube site but at least they could spare us the hassles of poorly-done videos.

We understand the ads and we really hope they compensate the home-based amateurs well so they can upgrade their equipment. The willing amateurs deserve to become starlets someday.

Overall, it’s PornHub. What’s not to like about the site? It has built a decent community that is healthy enough to make sure all the good amateur stuff is given credit.

We hope to see more MILFs than they have though. Otherwise, it’s going to be full of teens who we don’t even know if they are legal enough to be posting stuff like that or not. It’s not like we do some deep research on them. We just fap and make sure they are above the age of 18.

As we said, PornHub amateur is the home for the next Johnny Sins, Riley Reid, or whoever the fuck you want starring in your favorite premium site. The important thing is you are able to enjoy them before you have to pay for them.