Do you have a go-to site when you feel the urge to jerk-off? 

Well, for me, I usually visit free tube sites for my daily porn fix. But that was before I discovered the excitement that live cam sites have to offer

It happened one cold and lonely night while I was browsing for some erotic stuff to masturbate to. I was just lazily scrolling through different sites when I accidentally clicked a link that took me to the sensual world of Rampant TV.

No, it’s not like your regular TV show. It doesn’t even get close to the classy incest and full-frontal nudity you can see on HBO—I tell you man, this is something else. 

Once I saw that Rampant TV has a decent collection of the hottest and sexiest girls on the planet, I was immediately hooked. And when I learned that it gets around 4,000 visits a day, that’s when I realized that I might need to prepare lots of lube before I begin my camming journey. 

Rampant TV has real girls ready to entertain you

Rampant TV


As soon as I got on this site’s homepage, I noticed right away that it’s not your typical camming platform. And what has really caught my attention was its sleek, clean, and modern design. 

There’s a logo in the header and I think at least 20 thumbnails packed tightly together. At first, I was confused on how I’ll get to know the model’s names as there isn’t any text on the thumbnails. But when I hovered my cursor over them, the names appeared. I know this isn’t something new, but I love the fact that there are no text cluttering up the images. 

I’m not sure how the Rampant TV team chooses the front-page babes but man, do they look freaking hot. I even saw one redhead putting on lipstick with a wall dildo on the background while some were topless, in revealing lingerie or wearing nothing at all. 

If you’re concerned about the variety of girls, then rest assured that this cam website got you covered. In what I saw, Rampant TV’s cam performers come in different flavors. I saw chicks with small tits, huge breasts, brunettes, blondes, white girls, and even ebonies. All of them look like legit models to me, not that professional porn star or girl-next-door babe you usually see on porn sites. 

Although the thumbnails don’t move, the performers don’t seem to appear bored. If you’ve been to other cam platforms, then you may have noticed their thumbnails show chicks sitting around the bedroom waiting for a paying viewer. 

Rampant TV offers free sex shows for real

Rampant TV


During my visit, a brown-haired cutie showing her round bum to the camera has definitely piqued my interest. So I acted out of instinct and clicked on her thumbnail and I was taken right to her show. 

What’s awesome is when I entered her room, this British model was already in her birthday suit and mesmerizingly showing her tan lines and huge breasts. Oh, how did I know she’s British? Well, as soon as I tuned in, she was speaking on her handheld mic about getting the show started. 

When she put down the mic, she proceeded to bounce lightly on her knees which made her tits jiggle. How I wished I could play that particular scene in repeat and in slow motion. 

And perhaps you know what happened next (I masturbated). After I reached cloud nine, that’s when I realized that Rampant TV actually offers free live cam shows for real. No lies! 

I’ve been to many sites before claiming to offer free stuff but turned out to be paid sites. So I was really happy knowing that Rampant TV can walk the talk. 

So yeah, I was able to watch Priya (the British babe) spanking her ass, caressing her bosom, and having an orgasm on cam without paying a penny. 

I know — you’re wondering how that’s possible. Even I got the same question before. Well, it turns out that I was watching the show with other guys who were generously giving her tips. As long as the model is happy with the tips, she’ll continue to put on a wild show for everyone

Here’s my final say

Rampant TV


Although Rampant TV doesn’t have the largest cam model collection in the industry, one of its biggest selling points is the quality of the performers. In fact, in my visits, I only saw top-notch goddesses on its list. 

What’s more amazing is, you don’t have to create an account to watch live streams for free.