My Dirty Hobby kind of speaks for itself. Ironically, it doesn’t sound like woodwork or gardening. The first thing you’ll think of is masturbation and sex.

Well, luckily, there are a bunch of horny singles who also use sex as a hobby in the hopes of temporary carnal pleasure. That’s what we are going to talk about today.

It’s easy to swipe on Tinder or click around on OkCupid but those platforms tend to be too saturated already. We need something to mix things up when it comes to “dirty hobbies”

That’s why we’re going to focus on My Dirty Hobby today and what it’s all about.

Welcome to My Dirty Hobby

My Dirty Hobby

My Dirty Hobby is something you can play around with. Besides, the purpose of a hobby is to briefly take you away from life’s realities. Just like with hookups.

You probably might have heard of the site already especially if you are in search of a dating site. There’s also a chance that you have come across and ad in one of your favorite free porn tube sites you often are at.

Basically, it’s a sexy social network filled with horny girls who use sex as a hobby whether in your local area or when they travel abroad.

A sex cam site, amateur porn site, and dating site all in one

Yes, that’s right. All the things you do on the internet are combined into one.

Love watching streamers do their thing, then it is a cam site. Enjoy chatting up chicks, then it’s a social network. Feeling quite alone? Then it is a porn site. That’s why the site is called “My Dirty Hobby.”

It combines all the three favorite things you do on the internet to give you something sort of a one-stop-shop to the best adult entertainment whether live, taped, or your own dirty hobby.

Dirty money for a dirty hobby

You’re familiar with how adult cam sites work. They have their own monetary system wherein you purchase tokens to gift a performer with. These tokens are called “Dirty Cents.”

These dirty cents serve as your currency which you can use to pay to view a lady’s nudes or watch their own amateur porn video.

You even need to pay for the messaging feature. Around 10 Dirty Cents for each message sent to be exact. It allows both parties to cut to the chase and go straight to the dirty.

User-friendly interface

my dirty hobby profile

The first thing we noticed is how well put together the site is. It’s like a poor man’s version new beta theme for Facebook. The difference though is that My Dirty Hobby looks a bit cornery rather than bubbly.

There’s a ton of female profiles that you can browse around like a Facebook timeline. They even have the photo and video galleries which you can only view if you sign up and pay some Dirty Cents.

There is also the option of viewing their live cam if they are currently streaming, which is probably going to cost you the most. The next most costly thing will probably be the chats so you better drop your best one-liner for instant hook-up.

Everything has to be paid for

Honestly, it just sucks how all these payments will end up undercutting the models that keep the site alive. It hasn’t happened yet but we can’t help but think long-term.

Other competitors do not charge unless you decide to take things private. Not only do you have to pay dirty cents to view a live stream, the site charges Dirty Tokens by the minute.

At least it helps the cam girls generate a digital flow of revenue rather than fixed amounts where they have to think of quota and down days. It’s probably why some still flock this site for their dirty hobbies.

One issue though is that the site can take a lot out of their chunk based on what one former cam girl there said. My Dirty Hobby allegedly takes 50% of all earnings. That means if you earn $200 dollars per stream, you will be left with $100, hence can’t suddenly make it a full-time job.

The point of a hobby is to one day make sustainable income out of it unintentionally. It’s not going to get to that point with this system.

That’s also why the site is called such. It should be treated more of a hobby rather than an actual job.

Final thoughts

my dirty hobby cams

Some might call it freaking highway robbery but the best thing we can do is support the ladies on the platform. Besides, we are going to spend the same amount on a rival platform anyway. To each our own.

That’s why it’s probably better if we treat this as social media and chat with the models. We have a feeling that chances are higher through chats. At least they didn’t subject themselves to perverts only for half their earnings to be taken away from them.

My Dirty Hobby is more of just a literal hobby. It’s probably meant to keep things interactive on their own social media platform than anything else. It forces you to practice an effective sexual opener to seal the deal immediately. It’s more like paying 10 Dirty Cents for ASL.

We’d also like to commend the site for not having many ads since they take away a chunk of a model’s hard-earned money anyway. It’s probably the reason they do so.

Just consider it a friendly gesture where they don’t want their loyal visitors to get distracted by pushy ads. It also doesn’t seem like the current models and members alike have a problem. Their free will can easily make them choose another platform if they aren’t having fun.

It’s probably time to make some real money out of all this so we’d rather recommend