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If you know that you have what it takes: the body, the face, the guts and all… what’s stopping you from pursuing your dream of becoming a popular cam model desired by many?

It can be because of the smorgasbord of competition, right?

Yes, indeed. The world of adult entertainment is teeming with competitors here and there. But that does not mean that it should stop you, right?

So you need to practice due diligence on your part to make that dream a reality.

Good thing there’s MyErolink.        

It is an all-in-one social platform for aspiring adult cam performers wherein they can showcase not just one, but numerous social profiles under 1 link.

Pretty awesome, huh?

This means that you don’t need to waste your time hopping from one service to another just to promote yourself on many websites.

With Myerolink, you can post ALL of your social profiles (that you are willing to share, of course) under one site.

The only requirement they have? You just have to make sure that you will be an active cam model—because they check that. It’s not that difficult to do, right?

Of course, it’s only natural that they ask for as basic and as little thing from their members because you’re basically promoting yourself for FREE on their site. So all they want it just a little active cooperation on your part. And that’s also an added advantage on your part if you’re an active member on their site—you have better chances of having your profile to be tagged as one of the “most viewed”. Even in the adult industry, (as with anything), it pays to be diligent.

MyErolink is such a huge treat for aspiring cam performers in such a way that they are provided a platform they can maximize on. I mean, I am not really familiar with all the other sites out there which offer the same service with MyErolink, but where can you find a platform that lets you share and promote numerous sites under one roof? MyErolink is a very nifty tool for adult cam models.

MyErolink is the shortened name of My Erotic Link.

What happens in this site is that they ONLY promote cam guys’ and cam girls’ profiles. This is a focused site, and that is a huge advantage of MyErolink, since they only cater to a strictly adult crowd. This means that no other kind of service is showing on their website. In other words, more and more attention is targeted on their affiliated cam performers—and in the process, fewer distractions.

So what can you find on their homepage?

On MyErolink’s homepage, you’ll see their list of ONLY the best profiles there is, and also the latest ones, as well as the most viewed. As a member, you would be prominently featured on this website and then gather more visitors fast.

So what are some of the plenty of sites that you can share as a cam model under one custom URL of MyErolink?

Actually, there are more than many sites you can promote but these are some of the usual sites that most performers promote:


  •       Pornhub profile
  •       Facebook account
  •       Twitter account
  •       Profile page on another cam website
  •       Instagram account
  •       Official site
  •       Fan page site
  •       And many other sites

Jessycaxhot webcamThis is very generous of MyErolink since normally, cam performers could only be permitted to have one 1 link at a time for their promotional purposes. For instance, the most common site that cam models usually give is their Instagram account.

That is why their site was designed in order to give a good platform for cam models in which they could gather all their social profiles for FREE under a single link. Thanks to MyErolink. A huge time saver with massive exposure benefits!

Also, another great thing to take into consideration is that their profiles are optimized in such a way that it’s easier to send traffic to your profiles.

Not only that, but you will also be affiliated with a dofollow link, which means that the exposure and visibility of your website could be greatly enhanced on the search engine sites, like the big one, Google—which is the most coveted one.

So there you have it. Try this site for FREE and don’t forget to showcase your best face forward with striking photographs and impressive profiles.

Then show them what you got!