If you think you got what it takes to be a popular adult cam model, then what’s stopping you?

Most famous adult cam performers have to start somewhere.

Why Aspiring Cam Models are Luckier Now

Mind you, if you want to start your journey as a cam model now, it’s interesting to know that you’ll have it easier.

Why is that you may ask?    Imlive cam model

Well, with the advantage of digital marketing and technological innovations these days, as long as you have internet connection, impressive social profiles to show off and a whole lot of guts to boot, with persistence and diligence, then you are on your way to becoming the cam girl or cam guy star you always dreamed of!

Comparing those days before during the pre-digital marketing era, famous stars don’t have the luxury of tools at their disposal (like you have right now) to make them popular instantly.

Case in point: Aspiring cam stars these days have it easier with MyErolink.

What is MyErolink? It is the shortened name for My Erotic Link. It is a multi-profile sharing site that you can include only in 1 custom URL.

This is a great tool that performers must make the most of because this site is extremely generous. How can I say that? Well, I’m not really familiar with other online service platforms on the web these days that offer like what this site has.

In MyErolink, this is one place online in which adult models and camgirls could make themselves known to the public. And not just to possible viewers, but also to other people out there that are interested in getting to know more about the person behind the profile, and also their work.

The best part is, they get to earn money as well.

What to include in your profile?

  •       About yourself
  •       What you want to offer
  •       Special talents
  •       Your shows (if applicable)

If you want more visitors and pique curiosities of other people, try going the extra mile aside from your social media profiles.

 MyErolink’s Simple Formula to Help You Succeed

Include enough information about yourself + link all your social/porn profiles into a single link = let your 3Fs (followers, friends, and fans) find you effortlessly.

Creators of My Erotic Link know that for cam actors, it is not that easy to build a following and be popular overnight. Usually, what happens is that models or performers are only allowed to share one social media profile link at a time—which will not suffice.

This is the reason why MyErolink makes it easy for them. Cam performers can now market themselves not choosing only one profile to promote, but encapsulating several of their social links in just a single customized URL.

And it’s for FREE!

MFC Hollie Cakes

This is because MyErolink founders know and value the hard work of the cam actors and the former wants to make it at least more effortless for these models when it comes to promoting themselves. The website aims to help these performers to have maximum exposure and reach out to a multitude of their fans as they can without too much hassle at no cost.

Not to mention that the site does not have any annoying ads displayed that tend to distract viewers.

 All I can say is that, can you also name another website offering the same service for aspiring cam performers?

If yes, do they provide MULTI-profile sharing? I emphasize the word, “multi since it is a rare occurrence for a website to generously give that massive exposure to someone, having to post many links, gather them and have them customized under 1 link—and ultimately PROMOTE them on their website.


This link—your link under MyErolink will be your single URL to share with the rest of the wonderful world of pornography.

What are your usual social media profiles that you want to share with the world?


It can be anything:     

  •       Instagram
  •       Manyvids   
  •       Youtube
  •       Pornhub
  •       Chaturbate
  •       Twitter
  •       Snapchat                                                Seventeen live


In a nutshell, you just have to create your Myerolinks profile in seconds and it’s absolutely FREE!

You are totally in control of your account, and not to mention that there are ZERO ads on your profile.

What’s not to love, right?

So, if you are an adult actress who is either starting your career or someone who has been in the adult industry for quite some time and you just want to boost your exposure to greater heights, then simply sign up and create your own profile to MyErolink.