Are you looking for a cam model that can make you cum twice in two minutes? Well, if that’s you, then you need to know of Hannah James who is one of the hottest cam models in the industry. This article will help you know more about this young and hot model who I believe should be ranked among the most beautiful women like Bela Hadid. Without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at Hannah James.

Who is Hannah James?

Hannah James is an adult model and a porn star who was born in the United Kingdom on 12th July 1996. She has a Caucasian ethnicity and her weight is about 52 kg while her height is approximately 163 cm. Hannah James is real and her ass is not fake nor does she use fake boobs to make impressions. It is not clear when she started her career but what is clear is that she is currently active and she releases videos on Pornhub and other platforms regularly.

Hannah James

If you want to watch any of these hot model videos, you can simply search her name on the Pornhub website and you will get more than enough videos that will leave you satisfied. It is worth noting that Hannah James does not have any tattoos but I don’t think that is a problem.

You can get in touch with her on her twitter handle @hannahjames710 where she is always happy to interact with her fans. She is also on Instagram @hannahjames710.

Career Brief of Hannah James

Hannah James is not as old as many porn stars who have made it as she is only 23 years old. However, in the time she has been in the game, she has managed to rank among the best adult models thanks to her sensuous looks and hot body. She has earned some accolades including can model of the year, 2018 and she is likely to win the cam model of the year 2019. She is super-hot and she knows how to connect with her followers plus she has starred in a couple of videos that have managed to get millions of views from Pornhub alone.

Hannah James

Her videos can also be found on other platforms. However, we recommend you make use of Pornhub as it is user-friendly and it has a good number of her videos. You can also check out videos of other models just in case you want to change the taste. However, it will not be a regular thing because Hannah will leave you glued to her. This is especially true if you decide to try her cam shows.  In an interview with Hannah James, this is how she answered different questions posed to her.

What Inspired Hannah James to be A Cam Model

James’s inspiration to become a Cam Model was her friend from college. The friend explained to her how she was making good money as a Cam Model and how she was doing it. She found it interesting as her friend was very open and she decided to give it a try. Her friend gave her a webcam and she began camming in the evenings after classes and she became quite good at it.

What is Hannah James’s Favorite Cam Network

Hannah James uses different networks. However, Charturbate is her favorite because it is well known and it has the highest amount of traffic. It includes different genders and it is easy to use.

Hannah James

How Does Hannah James Keep Her Fans Engaged?

Well, according to her, she does not have a planned strategy on how to keep her fans engaged. She always notifies her fans of important things about her on Twitter. Hannah also posts hashtags that include links to her cam shows so that people can find them with ease. She is not all that good with social and according to her, she struggles with it.

Her Instagram had more than 50k followers but it got deleted because of her nature of work. Since her deletion from Instagram Hannah feels discriminative and she said, a lot of cam models suffer from it. She opened another account but she does not focus much on Instagram because of that reason.

What Does Hannah James Do in Her Spare Time

She mostly goes to the gym. Hannah started a strict gym program from last year. She makes sure to work out at least 3 times a week. When she is not in the gym. Hannah goes to reggae festivals as she is a big fan of reggae music.