Many people might not realize it but the porn industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There are millions of porn stars who want recognition but they never get because the competition is just too high. So if you find a model who is getting recognition then she must be very good and one of the porn stars is recognized across different platforms including the largest platform Pornhub, which is none other but Eevee Frost. If you are wondering who she is, then keep reading. Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Who is Eevee Frost?

Eevee frost is a professional porn star and adult model born on October 19, 1993, in New Jersey, United States. She is an American citizen with a Caucasian ethnicity. Eevee Frost started her career when she was around 22 years old in the year 2015. Currently, she is 26 years old and she is still active in the industry and ranks among the best adult models. She weighs about 61 kilograms and her height is about 173 cm, perfect measurements for a model. Her eye color is green and she has brown hair but you can find her with black hair in some of her videos if that is what you prefer.

She has tattoos but not the ones that cover the whole body, just a few that she feels comfortable with. Everything about her is real and she does not use fake boobs just to impress. She doesn’t have to anyway, her boobs are just amazing. You should check her out from You will be impressed by what you see.

What does Eevee Frost do in Pornhub?

Well, just like any other person on the platform, she releases adult videos. She is a professional porn star who is very good at what she does and she has released a good number of videos that you can enjoy any time you want to jack off. The good thing about her videos is that they come in different lengths like some can run for up to 40 minutes while others run just for 5 minutes or even less.

Eevee Frost

The videos are all rounded whereby you can find videos of her riding some guy, or being fucked hard, giving a blow job, masturbating or sometimes having some good time with a girl. She is a joy to watch as you can see from the videos that she is enjoying it and it goes without saying that she is damn hot! Probably the hottest porn star you will ever see.

Just check her out from Pornhub and confirm my claims. All her videos have a rating of 83% and above with some of her videos being rated as high as 91%. You don’t get such ratings if you are not good and of course hot. After all, most people search for hot girls when they are looking for a video to turn them on and make them cum.

Adult Career of Eevee Frost

Eevee has a successful career in the porn industry since she started in 2015. She has starred in many videos distributed by different distributors. Some of the videos she starred during the beginning of her career include hardcore anal pounding, oiled up dildo riding and showerhead orgasm denial among others which were all distributed by ManyVids — a video networking site.

With time she has grown to be one of the best and you can find her videos in different porn platforms but for the best experience, you should definitely make use of Pornhub. It is worth noting that Eevee Frost does not just act in porn videos as she is also a cam model.

Eevee Frost

Cam models are taking over the industry as the cam shows are more engaging than porn videos and most people tend to enjoy the cam show streams compared to watching porn videos. Cam models offer different things every day and Eevee Frost is one of the best cam models. You can create an account for streaming these shows on Pornhub provided you are 18 years and above. We can guarantee you that there is no turning back once you start enjoying her shows. You can also check out some different videos of other cam girls.

Wrapping Up

It is not easy doing what Eevee does as many people think and getting recognition means she is good at her job. We think she is one of the best and anyone who enjoys watching porn or is a porn addict will enjoy watching her videos and cam shows. Check her pout from Pornhub and thank us later!