Exploited College Girls reminds us of the nostalgia of our sex and party-filled younger days. Lots of beautiful young ladies with underloaded school schedules so that they can just party and be wild most of the time.

It’s the first time these ladies become independent so they make sure they make living on their own so enjoying. So enthusiastic every chance they get, these girls sure benefited from moving away from their parents. Well, we all actually benefit overall.

So what’s with this amateur fuck-filled site? Let’s find out together in this Exploited College Girls review.

15 years and counting

Exploited College Girls brings back memories of how wild college life used to be. They’ve been giving us some good amateur flicks since 2005.

You’ll see some stereotype college girls who use their looks to pay for school upon landing on the site. At least they also get a ton of exposure in the process.

Some of these girls probably have daddy issues which is why they turn to meaningless sex for comfort. It’s not an uncommon occurrence to such girls. At least they’re more open about it and have it exploited.

It gives the population another platform to vent and earn money at the same time assuming all get compensated fairly.

The girls of Exploited College Girls

girls of Exploited College Girls

The truth is, none of these girls are underage. They just look so young. Well, not all though. There will be times where an older woman will wear pigtails to look like a schoolgirl or a student-teacher.

You will love the fresh faces too as there’s no big names on Exploited College Girls. Only newly minted starlets who have the potential to make it bigger someday.

These girls are growing a decent fanbase in this digital age. They might not be the most popular pornstars but you’ll see that their social media numbers are blowing like them with a dick in their mouth.

College or porn?

Some girls would contemplate whether it’s better to be broke and in college then graduate to work another decade or more just to pay off loans or use it as a front instead.

At least these college girls have a chance to sustain their fees doing something they would likely do anyway even with all the part-time jobs and college loans. Tons of SEX!

Helping college girls go to school

If you are a college girl who is in danger of paying debts for the entire rest of your life, then you might benefit from starring on Exploited College Girls.

Membership costs thirty bucks a month for single month subscriptions. A three-month plan will save you $7 per month too. It’s not that bad for a person that pays for Netflix.

What’s better is that you gain access to other affiliate sites under the same network like Backroom Casting Couch, Black Ambush, Nebraska Coeds, and some less-popular ones.

You can also download your videos if you wish to binge-watch on the go. Save them on your hard drive or smartphone for emergency purposes.

Legit college amateurs exploited regularly

exploited college girls scenes

Exploited College Girls knows how to pick who stars in their videos. Some of them actually joined on the grounds of having fun doing it.

These girls are legit amateurs. We’re talking about ones that haven’t used a vibrator before then did for the first time. It’s the equivalent of a boy’s first cigarette puff. There’s squirming and squealing before it sinks in how good it feels.

Some girls already come in with experience. They know how to multitask with playing their clit and find more ways to exploit their prosperous parts even more.

Of course, there is also the ones who are hesitant at first but finally give in due to curiosity or constant pressure. It makes the reactions legit as fuck!

Boy, we love them college girls a lot!

It’s their field of expertise in the first place

Exploited College Girls wouldn’t last as long as they have been of it isn’t for their expertise in what they do. They’ve mastered their niche so well from doing it for 15 fucking years!

It evidently shows in their work. Thety know how to pick the right starlets for a specific scene. Even the shooting angles look so perfectly done. Then of course there’s the perverted things each chick does to herself.

One noticeable thing though is that the site design seems as old as they are. They may have kept up with the times in terms of their videos but it wouldn’t look like it with a design like that. At least they still have their seniority in Internet porn. That’s enough to generate some word of mouth.

They put these flicks out every week so that means tons of college girls getting some good exposure every seven days.

Final thoughts on Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

We don’t have a lot to say for a site that has been 15 years in the business. How can we criticize something that has been successfully working for them?

Aside from the outdated design, it’s their experience in making college porn flicks that matters. Some of the early-day amateurs you see doing threesomes, creampies, and have their titties fucked have used it as their calling card for the bigger producers to call.

We ourselves enjoyed watching the videos on Exploited College Girls. IN fact, we tried backtracking for as long as years ago to compare past works and it has been just as good too.

You can see how young and eager these college amateurs are. Of course there are the older women pretending to be college sluts too.

Finally, we loved how the site has maintained its production value and consistency in doing so. Fans love to see teens’ cherries get blasted especially with the anal scenes.

The bonus sites that come with your membership are worth checking too. Just imagine how much extra premium pornographic material you get just by signing up and paying for one platform.