Backroom Casting Couch is arguably the world’s most famous couch. Should we say infamous though?

There’s probably one casting couch for every porn studio that is in search for actors, making the audition process a porno is what made it a mainstay in adult entertainment.

It used to be quite a unique concept until several porn producers saw how much of a cult favorite it is. If you think about it, every major porn studio has probably made one on it.

Just like this porn site which is one of the better-known casters of new porn stars. Let’s sit on the Backroom Casting Couch as we talk about how it’s doing.

It literally looks like a casting agency

Backroom Casting Couch casting

The first thing you’ll notice if you visit Backroom Casting Couch is how it looks like an agency with a set card of a girl on a couch having sex.

It’s obviously no BS, just a lot of fucking on the iconic black couch. Nothing too fancy or flashy about the site. In fact, it’s too neat that it can pass as an actual wholesome casting agency if we didn’t see pussy and tits.

What you see is what you get.

Is it the real Casting Couch?

How are we to know which one is the real Casting Couch? The thing is as easy as a black couch and lots of fucking.

Well, we know that Reality Kings is one of the original studios to come up with the idea. Still, you’ll see on the site a seal that Backroom Casting Couch is claiming to be the “The Original Casting Site.”

Regardless, it’s a premium site with lots of fun affiliates. Our personal favorites are Black Ambush and  Nebraska Coeds. That’s how much we want flavor on our porno.

Cute girls and lots of content

backroom casting couch girls

Cute girls and a high-definition camera is already a fixture in premium porn sites. What makes Backroom Casting Couch different then?

Well, for one, the access to many other premium sites is a huge plus, then there’s the fact that it isn’t that much expensive compared to others. Backroom Casting Couch alone is enough to give you your money’s worth.

You’ll be able to enjoy weekly updates on top of hundreds of Casting Couch porn to choose from. If you are signing up at this point, good luck being able to watch everything before the next video drops.

Just like any premium porn site, these cute amateur girls seem to be from a different level of casting. These are actually the borderline Hollywood actresses that chose to do porn instead of waiting tables in Tinseltown.

You’ll even get to know a bit of them because each model has her own profile. The ratings are on their bio and the interviews before the sex are very interesting.

Though imitated by many, it’s still a niche of its own.

Neat site design but not its media player

We love how neat the site design is despite being very basic. You’ll feel cozy with it. There are even online stores that look worse that you spend more money on anyway. As we said, it’s straight to the point and no BS.

What seems awkward though is its media player. It’s a popup player that you’ll have to deal with since you cannot watch it directly onto the video’s page. It looks more like a sample than paid content, to be honest. It’s like that free PPV streams that need a lot of irritating pop-up ads you need to close.

Good thing the videos are downloadable. Otherwise, you might not like the media player.

Final thoughts on Backroom Casting Couch

Backroom Casting Couch

When did the Casting Couch ever fail us? Backroom Casting Couch has one of the best casting porn on the internet. The concept is often imitated that we can only trust it if it came from a premium site.

This site is an easy fix compared to spending hours looking for the perfect video on a free porn tube site. Porn addicts will love this one. Do not underestimate the simple interface.

Besides, it’s not all casting couch auditions gone wild on the site. There are plenty of other sites that your membership gives you access to. It’s also great that they chose mostly coed sites to partner up with. We tried watching the other sites and we can say that it’s like watching an American Pie-Esque porno.

So instead of watching casting couch videos from a free porn tube site, we suggest that you will have a better experience when it’s premium. The camera definition alone is perfect for such a fresh-looking pussy.

By the way, when we say fresh-looking, it’s like fucking somebody you’ll be watching on Hollywood someday. If you see them on the actual big screen in the future, chances are they started at Backroom Casting Couch.