What’s with Eastern Europe that it’s a rich breeding ground for hotness? Want another example? It’s Czech Casting’s time to shine this time.

If you go deeper into the site, you’ll be going through around totally nude full-body shots of 2000+ models. It’s like an online aquarium like you see in Amsterdam.

We might be spilling too much due to excitement so we’re just going to leave it here to tell you what Czech casting is all about.

Enter Czech Casting

Czech Casting

Czech Casting is a premium porn site that literally looks like each star is being cast. You might not be familiar with some of them since it’s Czech’s finest and not really world-renowned yet. Some of them maybe but not all.

Layout wise, it’s pretty simple. It might look boring if you are looking for too much banging off the bat though. It’s good that the site wants a clean vibe first before the vulgarities of sex get exploited.

It literally looks like something you’ll encounter in a casting studio. Even in real life there will be times where you might have to give your carnal treasure to a pervy director.

Going deeper, you’ll see how meticulously the casting process is done as each girl is asked to stand as if their mugshot is to get taken. We’ll not be surprised if a studio releases “Fake Mugshot” in the future. Let’s just wish they credit  Czech Casting for the tidbit of the idea.

You probably have seen one Czech Casting video in the past already. You just might not be aware of it.

Czech Casting models

Czech Casting models

Czech Casting is a premium porn site which means, expect it to have high-quality videos. But before we get to the part of the videos, we’ll talk briefly about the models.

Each model has its own naked full-body shot. Once you click onto their picture, it will lead you straight to the inner details of the shoot.

They hold in front of them an  ID number which probably is their actual order of arrival on the site. You’ll see more pictures from all angles and also features which tell more things about each model.

You’ll even see video excerpts of what they have done for Czech Casting. It also serves as a teaser to make you sign up.

We’re already imagining how much of a winner the director feels with each girl passing through him.

Excellent quality

Obviously, it’s the videos where the action happens. Before that though, the models go through a series of 360-degree photos to show us what we are dealing with. It’s one of the coolest parts of this whole thing.

Sex is like their audition tape. Their videos show how they behave and act based on the director’s commands. It’s pretty much like your casting couch minus the iconic black furniture.

Czech Casting has excellent video quality. When we say excellent, we’re talking 2160p. That’s an ultra-high-definition if your internet speed is capable of buffering such. If not, 1080p is still good enough to get the job done.

Good thing you can download the videos. That’s something any internet speed can handle. It’s just a matter of how fast does it go to your local directory.

How good is each video?

Czech Casting videos

You get a detailed synopsis of each video since its description and what’s going on is fully written. The video previews and photos add a bit more explanation. Despite that, you still wouldn’t enjoy it unless you watch it in full.

It’s a platform for casting which means the acting can be pretty bland. What it’s after are the performance and potential. It’s not like these girls are acting in an actual film. It’s simply a porn video so forgive them

If we are to break the fourth wall, you can see through each of them that some are anxious before arousal. Imagine being cast in a room only to find out that the only opportunity you have is for a premium porn site.

In fairness to Czech Casting, it’s one of the better productions in the whole of Europe. Surprisingly, we actually want to come back for more someday.

What makes Czech Casting so special?

First, it’s the videos obviously. It’s probably also the fact that the majority of the models are either from the Czech Republic or its neighboring Eastern European states.

Like we said earlier, you might already have come across one of their videos floating around the web or in your friend’s gallery. What’s not to enjoy about semi-spontaneous sex?

It’s also the fact that these girls are seemingly naive of what is to come for them that makes it entertaining to watch. Imagine being cast in a studio where all your nude photos are taken under the guise of a professional shoot only to escalate to having sex with the casting director.

It’s always the dude who is holding the camera that gets the free front seat all the time. Wonder why he does such a good job with his shots? It’s obviously because he’s motivated to go to work every time.

Final thoughts

Czech Casting snapshots

The concept of models passing through casting directors and 360-degree camera shots taking the entire radius of their nudity is no longer new in the industry. North America has done that numerous times.

It might take us months if we click on the picture of each girl and see what they have to offer so we just limited our search to 10. There’s an animation of the camera going around the girl’s nude body when your mouse hovers over their main thumbnail.

Its concept is a casting agency so you know that the entire gimmick fits perfectly well with the website experience as a visitor. They sure live up to the impression of their making since it looks like an actual casting site but for porn.

Even these models can make use of a legit-looking site like Czech Casting to break into entertainment. They’ll have to go through adult entertainment first obviously.

Before we go, we’ll stress out for the nth time how amazingly done the videos are. Quality is top-notch and will surely get off anyone who loves paying attention to high detail.

Like we said earlier in this review, we might come back soon. That’s more than just a promise. We liked the site so that means we can use it on our own personal time.