Woodman Casting X is something you should consider if you got to jerk of that morning wood straight out of bed. It’s hard to resist especially when it’s nature that gave you the erection.

The site has been on the internet for ages. Serving dudes like you award-winning content in the hardcore category. It’s probably the inspiration for the term “morning wood” too for all we know.

Now, let’s take a look at why this website has been bringing in millions of visitors every month.

A legacy in casting porn

Pierre Woodman is a dirty movie genius. The Frenchman has been doing these types of movies back when they were still on VHS. Years later, he thought of starting Woodman Casting X in 2004.

He was doing casting porn before it was cool. Sorry to say but Casting Couch is too millennial for those who think it’s the innovator. Woodman Casting X made the niche a popular hook in the adult industry.

The concept was simple. Get a girl in a hotel room under the guise of a little interview before escalating things to fuck flicks. Mind you, these things get wild.

The chicks of Woodman Casting X

The first thing we noticed upon landing on the homepage is how Woodman has a penchant for European babes. He has a wall full of

Looking at the preview page, it seems like Woodman is up to his same old sexy shenanigans. There is a wall of European babes from Russians, Hungarians, Romanians, and the girls of Czech even back when it was one big Czechoslovakia.

Of course, there’s diversity with the babes on the site. Through the years, we doubt if there’s a certain nationality that Woodman missed. He’s French so it makes sense why he chooses hot babes from his eastern neighbors.

To be fair, there’s north and south American babes too as well as African ebonies, a personal favorite. But it’s mostly Euro chicks you’ll see here.

Decades of galleries

We already told you that Woodman Casting X has been in the game since what seems like forever. It’s no longer a surprise that there are over 5000 videos on this platform.

WoodmanCastingX continues to grow its gallery for as long as it’s alive. You can expect updates at the usual pace, which means every couple of days if you aren’t aware.

Want to know how long this site has been? Just look at its design which looks too early 2000s. It still suits the concept though. It’s not like they need to change.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it at all.

Woodman Casting X membership

Signing up for the site costs 50 euros to be a member. Aside from Woodman Casting X, you get to enjoy premium access to other Woodman ventures such as WakeUpnFuck and Woodman Films.

If you think you will only make use of a video every once in a while, you might prefer to go à la carte. You can buy one porn clip at a time whenever you feel like watching a certain vid. To keep things transparent, I had to borrow from a friend with full access since I only bought a couple of a la carte ebony vids.

Anyway, we still were able to enjoy a friend’s full access to Woodman Casting X that’s why we can vouch for the full enjoyment factor.

The Woodman Casting X experience

Woodman Casting X ebony

Never mind the site design. We liked how everything was placed. It still looked like a legit premium site. They invested more in content quality than meaningless aesthetic.

We watched a trailer of an ebony chick since it’s my personal favorite type of woman. It was a 50-second trailer which saw her flaunt her multiple gifts before she found out what else is in store.

Pierre is the mastermind behind all this. He talks to these amateur girls and tries to lure them into giving us the action we are paying for. Of course, they will oblige since this casting means direct to the job.

Enjoy casting videos on 4K Ultra-HD

Going back to that ebony video, I tried to get a good jerk off out of it. I made sure I got a two-hour flick so simulate a short-nightery.

The video starts with a traditional interview just like an actual casting. The girl talks about how she lost her virginity and what wild things she can do in bed. She proceeds to share what things turn her on.

I enjoyed this casting video on 4K ultra-HD which crisply showed the colored skin I so dearly love. To be honest, it’s the black women on Woodman Casting X that are quite the performers.

Good thing we have some super-fast internet which allowed us to watch Pierre smoothly convincing the ebony chick to do all sorts of stuff we enjoy. Those moans are still playing on my mind like the last song syndrome.

To be honest, Pierre Woodman looks like that creep no girl wants to talk to even though his intentions are clean. Good thing he knew the art of attraction and started cutting to the chase with all the bad stuff girls pretend they hate.

In fairness to Pierre, that dick is big for a white dude.

Final thoughts

Woodman Casting X

Pierre Woodman is a genius. We do not care if his website has an outdated design because he is smart enough to know it doesn’t matter. He knows his stuff and people will go back to Woodman Casting X even if it had the shittiest design on the planet.

Three decades of experience is what make this site thrive. Pierre knows how to insert some modern flavor as the years go by. His gonzo material is one of the hottest semi-amateur stuff.

Woodman Casting X was already there before the bang buses and the modern-day casting couches were ever thought of. If there’s something you should learn in porn, it’s to respect the oldies as you do with MILFs.

Membership is a bit on the pricey side but it doesn’t matter. The demand must be high to have the balls to compete with most premium porn sites.

Before you think of watching some millennial gonzo stuff, you should first check out Woodman Casting X. Better yet, sign up for it since they are the original.