What’s the word that gets thrown out a lot when it comes to amateur porn? “Girlfriend.” There’s a whole network dedicated to it at The GF Network.

The GF Network came at the right time when premium amateur sex movies are being appreciated more. People are just willing to pay for porn these days the same way they pay for Netflix and other streaming subscriptions.

How about we stop teasing and start talking about this premium porn site?

Welcome to The GF Network


The site looks like things girlfriends do like shooting videos of themselves on their phones or webcams. The only difference is that they are making porn flicks out of it.

It looks very inviting because the models that will greet you on the landing page are typical girlfriend performances in bed. Just plain fucking sex.

The GF Network has been around for at least a decade already. It has given the internet an additional source for DIY porn fetish. You probably have seen pirated copies of their videos on free porn tube sites.

Having their own watermark and being recognized for it means they’re just as premium as it gets.

A Huge Network of Girlfriend Porn Sites

watch my gf

On the onset, The GF Network sounds like an additional channel you purchase on your cable subscription. Well, it might actually be an added channel back in the age of unfiltered cable TV.

But in reality, The site is where you’re going to find slutty girlfriends with their faces drenching in cum. They all look like your typical cute girlfriend gone wild.

The site boasts a network of being the largest network of user-submitted girlfriend porn. It’s also noticeable how most of the girlfriends on the platform are teen amateurs.

Hot girlfriends gone wild

the GF network boobs

The site has a plethora of GF categories under its network. Some of the popular ones are Watch My GF, Public GF Videos, Hot GF Videos, Jizz On My Girlfriend, etc. That’s a ton of wild girlfriends and we haven’t mentioned everything yet.

Let’s give a ton of props to whoever created the site logos of all GF sites. Its colors are catchy and look like a lot of work was put into making it look entertaining.

Not all premium porn sites are this colorful. Well, maybe if you don’t color up your sex life, your girlfriend might turn up on My Alternative GF.

The entire network is already solid enough for you not to sign up. It’s a ton of barely legal girls teasing you with their wild side when they aren’t with the jocks.

A paradise for GF porn

The GF Network membership

We already told you how many girlfriend sites are under this huge network. It’s a paradise if you are into the niche.

As for membership, you won’t be lagging behind too much. It costs pretty much the same as your average premium porn site at thirty bucks a month. Not sure if you want to commit? Then pay them a dollar for a full day of peeping around first.

Basically, The GF Network is just a holding site of all the girlfriend porn sites. You might be directed to Ama Land which is actually the same thing.

Both boast a large network of young amateurs getting wild with their boyfriends or the guy or girl they are cheating with.

It’s quite impressive how they were able to expand through the years. From a single GF site to a bunch of specific types of girls like Asian, Ebony or Latina. There’s also the lifestyle niches like the tatted goths with colored hair and the Sluts with Phones.

The GF experience

me and my latina

Of course, we signed up for a site as promising as this upon landing. Knowing how much content they have is enough to convince us that this will be worth signing upon.

After signing up, we logged in. There, we were met with a wall full of amateur GF videos from The GF Network/Ama Land.

Out of personal preference during that given time, we took one from Me and My Latina. The exotic look of a teen Latina alone made us want to see all the hotties on this affiliate.

We weren’t actually surprised by the clip’s 96% user rating. That’s as many people on The GF Network were as like-minded as us on this specific video.

The Latina girl we were watching was on a beach doing her exhibitions in public. Her shaved pussy looked like a brown baby’s flesh that you just can’t help but rub your fingers on. That’s just a comparison though. We do not condone the use of babies in the making of porno in any shape or form.

Other than that, we checked out the rest of the public vids which were 20+ pages worth of it. All we see are slutty Latinas and will take all day just to scan through all. We wanted to check the other GF sites, which we might talk about too after we make an update on this review.

Another thing worth noting is the tagging system. The tags are pretty basic that it is accurate to each video. Click on “public” and you will see all the public videos the site has. That’s how accurate this thing is.

All you have to worry about now is which video you are going to watch.

Final thoughts on The GF Network

the gf network

To be honest, the site sacrifices a bit on functionality in terms of the whole navigation part alone. Still, it gives what you need and gets the job done. Hey, they might not have much time to cater to your meticulous demands anyway. They are there to make a ton of GF videos!

Moneywise, you are getting your money’s worth with how much good stuff is on this network. You can watch it with your girlfriend or do a sex video yourselves to submit to the network. If it costs money, you might want to break it even to afford to pay a premium, right?

The content is all good shit. Of course, the quality may vary since most are user-submitted videos. What’s important is you are getting more than you can actually watch. Consider canceling your Netflix subscription if you want you perv!

Anyway, most of the girlfriends here look better than some of the sluts on free porn tube sites. At least some of them have the decency of filming in a studio setting where the scenes look more spontaneous.

If you want another comparison of this site, it might pass as similar to Sublime Directory since the watermarks will remind you of such.

All the good premium girlfriend stuff is here at The GF network. We don’t want to be biased just because we enjoyed but at least we knew we got our money’s worth.