Amateur Allure has a name that is self-explanatory. That doesn’t mean it’s short of action. You’re going to see some raw and real sex happening here.

It kinda reminds us of the time when the Sunday newspaper had an “Allure” section where you get to see some powerful but attractive things for the eyes. That’s how refined Amateur Allure is.

We’re going to talk more about it as we go on so let’s start talking about it right now.

Fresh faces baptized

It’s not like all models here are virgins prior to being part of Amateur Allure. It just seems like they got their baptism of wetness  because of the site’s tagline of “Where Nice Girls Come to Swallow Cum.”

It’s catchy and serves as a nice invitation for those who are looking for a platform to hop on. The site has a cover video of a girl sucking a huge cock that will greet you upon landing.

Take note that the site gets over 2,000 daily visitors. That’s enough people to enjoy 14 years’ worth of amateur smut. That number includes new visitors so we believe the conversion rate for memberships is good based on how long they are already in the business.

The site uses light colors which makes it look clean but mind you, it’s all dirty stuff that happens here.

The beautiful faces of Amateur Allure

amateur allure bts

Disclaimer alert: not all models are pleasing to your taste. The good thing though is rarely will you encounter such. The beautiful faces here will pass on any given standard.

In fact, the models of Amateur Allure don’t look as slutty as in other premium porn sites. If you didn’t see materials of them sucking cocks or being fucked in the ass, you’ll even think that these models come from professional agencies.

Everything was done cleanly for the dirty from the thumbnails to the headshots. Even the videos are just as clear when watched.

Surprisingly, some of us are already familiar with some of the stars. Some of them are either Instagram models or you are just geeky enough to know them from another video. Consider them rising stars.

Some of these girls are likely to star as the wild college girls in American Pie-type movies. Some of them are so exotic that you’ll fall in love with the combination of unique look and sex skills.

A large gallery, regular updates but pricey membership

amateur allure sign up

What do you expect? When you have class A-type models doing porno for you, you really have to pay them good. Where do they get it, from your membership subscription?

A premium membership for Amateur Allure costs $38 per month. That’s right more than leading networks like Brazzers or Reality Kings. Personally, it’s not bad anymore considering how willing you are to throw a hundred worth of onesies for just one night a strip club. At least here you get stunningly gorgeous models fully naked.

Another good thing you’re getting is consistent updates. You’ll definitely get what you paid for since you won’t run out of content like this even if you spend an entire year just watching porn. They actually became more active due to the pandemic.

Many people will want the premium stuff since they can pour the money they get to save from commute costs. Of course, it’s still porn and it’s an added reason to stay home.

Imagine gaining access to 14 years’ worth of porn. We’d pay just to see Amateur Allure’s 2006 classics back when they were just humbly beginning. There’s already close to a thousand exclusive hardcore content to watch.

If you think that ballpark is little, we dare you to finish each and every one of it. Good thing there’s a download option included with your membership.

There are quite some downsides too

No human is perfect. How much more are premium porn sites that are created by humans? Amateur Allure lacks some things too.

For one, their video player is still as basic as video controls were in 2006. It’s like they copied YouTube’s codes for video programming and did not upgrade as time went on. No speed controls, jerky forward and back buttons, and it’s not user-friendly when you wish to replay the highlights of the video.

Of course, those who are paying a little bit extra should expect things to be better on this platform. That’s why it’s so difficult to just choose them when there are sites that are just as good but charge less.

Final thoughts on Amateur Allure

Amateur Allure

At the end of the day, we still feel like Amateur Allure’s excess on the membership price tag is not justified. Good thing they were bailed out with how stunning their models are.

How we wish Cara Delevigne chose to star here before she inked herself up and came out as a lesbian. No hate here. That’s just how much we appreciate the beauty of the models here.

Another good thing is that the studio did a good job spotting the best -and-coming talent across all industries before a more wholesome company snags them. They are one of the reasons we still see supermodel-type beauty in porn

The thing though is that if you program yourself watching from, you might not appreciate other types of porn anymore. Well, free porn tube sites don’t give as much as paid premium.

Never mind the term “amateur.” At least we know the models are pros when it comes to sex. It’s not their first rodeo, you know?

We have an eye for Instagram models that’s why we appreciated this site a lot. If only someone would make an Instagram for porn and sell it premium, we would dig that.

Mind you, it might even be what Amateur Allure is saving for that’s why they haven’t updated their video program codes. It’s just our wishful thinking though.