Net Video Girls sounds generic right? It’s actually a premium amateur pornsite we are talking about here.

The site is on the line of your Brazzers and Reality Kings in terms of content. Although on a lower profile, it still provides fucking content just as good.

What made stay this long throughout two decades? Let’s find out together

Twenty Years in the business

Lasting twenty years in the business puts porn sites on the legendary level. Age defines a porn site and sure enough, Net Video Girls has made a legitimate name for themselves.

We’re talking about calendar girl-level beauty with these chicks on the website. Those who sign up and in for the pseudo-amateur vibe where class A-looking pornstars swarm the videos with their unique talent and beauty.

You won’t be seeing the popular like your Riley Reids and Abella Dangers but you’ll see the next starlets of the business. All these girls are legit going to get you hurrying and grab your tissue to wipe off that cum.

The girls of Net Video Girls

net video girls girls

There are a plethora of girls to choose from at Net Video Girls. There’s one for any race and body type. Must-sees are the exotic beauty of Asian and Latina descents.

You’ll find the best premium stars on the Popular Girls page where the cream of the crop dwells. These gorgeous ladies have thrived from such Ultra HD shots.

Never mind the body types. As long as they are able to pull off being flawless despite packing some extra pounds on their assess, we’re all good.

These girls also give you a different type of clickbait. Their smiles and sex faces on the thumbnails will indeed make you want to watch them one by one. Each snap was cleanly made.

Although the site can make use of video samples or multiple snippets to save each member and visitor time instead of watching each one all throughout only to be disappointed. Well, the goal might be to keep engagement time longer.

Site layout and price

Net Video Girls membership

It feels like Net Video Girls last updated their layout on its 5th year and hasn’t done anything much more in the next 15.

Well, at least it shows how much legacy this site has left on its loyal viewers. Good thing the pretty girls are visible enough for the regular porn consumer not to mind the layout. The girls are there to distract you upon landing on the site.

Monthly rates start at $30 per month but you can avail of their three-month plan worth $75. Obviously a modern rate for such an old web design. At least it’s the content that matters, right?

You’re going to gain access to 20 years’ worth of premium-quality porno with the vault being updated weekly. There are approximately a thousand videos to choose from including full-length flicks, gonzo tapes, and sexy shoots.

Being a member has its perks. You get unlimited access to partner premium sites such as CastingCouch-HD and NetGirl for as long as your membership runs.

The best part is you can download the videos you want to take around. It’s unlimited so you can download as much as you want and still have enough porn for every trip to the toilet.

The Net Video Girls experience

Here’s the part of the review where we tell you our own personal experience of the site. Let’s start with this Latina babe we watched.

The said Latina babe, who we wouldn’t name to be fair to all pornstars on the platform, had the perfect body. She can even pass as a Hollywood celebrity with her looks.

She’s probably new on Net Video Girls judging by how recent her video is and how she didn’t appear during our deep search.

Anyway, we were on for a long show as her flick lasted for almost an hour. Good thing we lubed up for at least two to three pops.

It was the typical bedroom scene where the guy walks into an empty room with only the girl with him. Small talks escalate into short conversations until the dirty suddenly gets opened up.

The guy was really skilled enough to segue into making this Latina chick take off her tops and bottoms one by one. Of course, you know what’s coming next.

Latina chick plays with the still clothed guy, bringing out his dick for the girl to play the stick. A few moments later, the guy’s clothes come off too.

Then, we reached the quarter mark where the girl starts heating up herself as that smooth and seemingly soft brown skin gets exposed even more.

We had to beat the man with how many pops we were able to do before he squirts his one and only money shot.

The skill of a Latina in bed obviously showed in the video. These exotic ladies are good with the stick and have the sexiest moans when a dick penetrates.

Final thoughts

Net Video Girls

Sorry if we didn’t drop the name of the porn star or the video we watched. We want to give everyone a fair chance with the curiosity part up to you. You can visit the site without the preconditioning of watching this certain pornstar or video.

You should know just by visiting how Net Video Girls managed to be out there still competing with the top dogs in premium amateur porn. Two decades of consistency is had to do in porn. Starlets come and go.

Net Video Girls surprisingly knows how to keep the talent fresh. They probably have contributions in the premium vids like casting couch and the fake gonzos.

As for the prices, paying $75 for three months isn’t bad at all. It’s not like you haven’t been paying a premium site yet. Otherwise, you’ll be on very limited access.

The stunning ladies getting fucked makes the site worth signing up for. You are getting access to other premium affiliates anyway so there isn’t really anything to lose.

So, if we were you, we are going to swipe for three months’ worth already and max out on as much premium content as we can watch.