Rachele is a lovely gal from Texas. She grew up as a promiscuous and friendly girl who loves hooking up with different boys. You know, for fun! 

But of course, her mother didn’t approve, so she was always in trouble with her. She doesn’t like the idea of being committed. Unlike her friends who were in serious relationships, she likes being in no strings attached type of relationships. 

The first time she discovered porn was when she was in middle school. She knew that her parents had the Playboy TV channel, so she invited her friends to watch it with her. 

Since then, Rachele developed a strong fascination with women in the porn biz. She loves how confident they are in front of the camera. 

Some of her idols are Carmen Elektra and Pamela Anderson. When she knew about these two, she promised herself that she’s gonna be like them in the future — well, it looks like she already is!

I heard that Rachele was able to join the industry because one of her friends knew Brooke Haven. They contacted him and not long after, she was already signing a contract for Brooke’s Agency. 

What I really like about this bombshell is she got naturally huge boobies — yep, no surgeries or anything!

In one of her interviews, she admitted that she’d like to work with James Deen soon. 

Busty Tattooed Cutie Fingers Her Pussy Outdoors

It looks like we got some outdoor sex lover here! Perhaps Rachele likes breathing fresh air while she’s fucking herself. 

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Rachele fingers her vag hole with so much passion and gusto. So, if anyone is manning the camera for her, then he’s one lucky devil. 

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