Rachele Richey is a former pageant queen who has decided to pursue a career in the porn industry — she stripped her crown and sashes to display her beautiful naked body for work– just wow! 

With her beauty and talent, she attracted an avid international following and was even featured in the magazine cover of Maxim. 

On top of that, she was nominated for “Best New Starlet” at the 2015 Nightmoves Awards. 

Our beautiful goddess was born in Granbury. Rachele even admitted she was really friendly when she was in high school. She hung out with almost everyone in school.

Her mom disagreed with her actions back then coz she loved making out with different boys. She wasn’t into dating — she just wants to savor the various species of the stronger sex. 

What I really like most about Rachele is her confidence. Well, she has always been a confident girl and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why she performed well in beauty pageants. 

However, she felt like pageantry wasn’t her calling. She knew she needed something else to complete her. That’s when she entered the porn industry. 

She was having lots of sex during that time, so she thought: Why not pursue a career in porn? After all, she doesn’t want to be a hypocrite as people always expect a lot from beauty queens. 

Rachele just wanted to do something that’d make her happy. 

Tattooed Busty Babe Fingers Pussy Outdoors

Rachele is oozing with so much confidence — and I like that. 

She’s flaunting her sexy figure outdoors without a care in the world. All she wants is to satisfy her yummylicious pussy with the help of her little fingers. 

I think I’m going to have a huge crush on this beauty. I mean, just look at that mesmerizing smile. 

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