If nudity and sex is always present, who wouldn’t want to be a Public Agent?

If you’re an agent, there’s always a random hot chick in the story. Either they are seducing you to take your eyes off your lead or some hanky panky in between the call of duty. How many spy films have this story already?

Anyway, Public Agent is another one of those gonzo films that you ought to see if you’re into such a niche. Why not we talk about it more, shall we?

It’s another one of them under one popular network

fakehub network

Public Agent is another one of those gonzos under the FakeHub network. If you aren’t familiar with the lineup, it includes the very popular FakeTaxi and FakeHostel on top of other premium content.

The network has stuck to a formula and using it to fill the voids to create new ways of sexy and spontaneous reality porn flicks.

Being under a very popular network has allowed Public Agent to thrive. The site gets thousands of visitors every day and the number just grows as more and more people discover it.

Random chicks fucked on cam

If you are a fan of the FakeHub network, you already know how random the fucking is on Public Agent. It’s a tried and tested formula already.

You’re getting stuff such as drone captures of hot blonde bitches who secretly are filmed for their dirty deeds. Once they catch the detective, it’s down to cash exchanges and cock sucking which leads to cum gargling.

The chicks that get randomly captured happen to be game to all deeds. Sometimes it’s a simple blowjob but all of the time, it ends with the cum shot. All types of sexual positions are exploited in between all fucking.

The chicks of Public Agent

public agent videos

There aren’t any big-name porn stars on Public Agent despite its popularity. It’s more of a star factory for these Class A starlets who either want to make it big in the adult industry or is simply gathering clout

The FakeHub network has a plethora of brands aside from Public Agent and FakeTaxi, and FakeHostel. There’s even a FakeDrivingSchool, a FakeCop, and a Fake Hospital where you can see some starlets make multiple appearances.

The advantage of following such a network is that you are able to see how a certain starlet performs given different situations. What if she wants to learn how to drive stick? How about if she gets arrested? And of course, you also have being spied by a Public agent.

As long as you pay for a subscription, you’ll always find out.

Getting a premium membership

Premium membership is only going to cost you $29.99 a month. That includes access to the entire FakeHub network which makes you have more porn than you can ever watch.

The best part about a premium membership is that an annual subscription only costs $9.16 a month. It’s like the devil telling you to do nothing but watch all FakeHub videos.

The Public Agent vault alone has close to a thousand videos already. That’s more than enough to watch two per day for the next year or two. Then of course there are thousands more if you count the other sites you gain access to.

Part of its perks is that you can download each video depending on your desired resolution but its main purpose is to allow you to take the videos with you if you want to wank it out on the go.

The Public Agent Experience

We won’t name who were starring but at least we are going to share our Public Agent experience with you a bit.

So, we chose to watch a blonde girl this time. It’s a 30 plus minute flick about a chick being spied as she was outside an apartment building. The cameraman asks her if she wants to try something new to test whether she’s shy or not.

He then dared the blonde girl to go nude in public and handed her cash. The hesitant girl would then oblige at a certain price. She first flashed her tits before escalating things as the cash being handed increases.

Minutes later, there’s already a dick in her mouth as the cameraman did a POV shot of the entire thing. It’s pretty much like a random hookup with cash involved. Not sure why he had to pay her off though.

Moving forward, the actions start escalating even more as we now see clothes slowly getting removed and the dick being played in more ways than one.

He then teaches her how to doggie as the actual fucking begins. The girl then backs her ass up on the cameraman. It turns out that this hesitant girl is impressive behind closed doors after all.

We promised not to give out a name so that you can enjoy all other videos on Public Agent but to give you a bit of intel, we chose the girl that we thought looked like Riley Reid.

Final thoughts

public agent

We weren’t surprised by how Public Agent was since the network it is under has already made a reputation out of making exclusive reality porn.

Also, we noticed how there are mostly Euro amateur starlets on Public Agent too. It is understandable since the main network has a lot of European influence.

Though their most popular one is FakeTaxi, it is Public Agent that has the most potential to break out of the rest of the network.

We also liked how they update regularly regardless of the site. Public Agent alone has at least once weekly. There’s also a fresh face often. It gives us new people to watch out for.

Even the membership prices aren’t bad. If you’re a porn addict and you have a job, it’s impossible not to be able to sustain such membership. If you can pay for Netflix, you can pay for these flicks too.

Now, if you’re going to ask for verbalization of recommendation, go ahead and sign up for Public Agent.