Harley Rose is an adult model and a successful porn-star whose videos can easily be found on xHamster’s pornographic website. Harley Rose started her career as a cam girl who could do amazing feats on a webcam and make any man cum in no time. Soon, she was noticed by different porn scouts and was offered contracts to do different kinds of video. Being someone who likes to try new things, Harley Rose agreed and made xHamster her home and solo orgasms her niche. Now she has a definite fan base who follows each and every upload of hers.

What does xHamster Say About Harley Rose?

There’s not much information available on Harley Rose on any website. Even her name ‘Harley Rose’ could be an alias, as most people do not like to reveal their real names in this industry. Like many porn-stars, Harley started out as a cam girl. Even today, many of her most-watched videos are cam videos in which you can find her playing with herself using mind-blowing toys. Harley Rose’s ethnicity is Caucasian but her exact lineage is unknown. She hails from Illinois, United States – the place where you’ll find the prettiest of the redheads. Harley Rose was born in Belleville on May 18, 1995.

Harley Rose


She is still in her prime and got a lot of videos to shoot. What’s more attractive about her is that her boobs are 100% natural. In a world full of fake boobs, she’s the messiah who still rocks the same old pair. The beginning of her career is unclear but one thing is certain that she is, as of now, at her peak. She weighs only 130 pounds and that means she can be picked up and had in any position – making her quite flexible and her porn quite interesting to watch. She is quite busty too. To be specific, her breast size is around 36DD. Her breasts look humungous on her, as she is only five feet and 2 inches. Her measurements are perfect to arouse any man.

What Does Her Work Look Like?

Harley Rose is quite skilled in front of cameras. When she started her career as a cam girl, she used to suck dildos with vigor. That led to her featuring in several porn videos with famous male co-stars. As of now, she has gone back to her roots by doing more cam videos. From twerking butt-naked to deep-throating dildos live on cam, Harley Rose has done it all. More specifically, her videos in which she takes it in her ass are more viewed by her fans.

Harley Rose


The reason behind this could be her thick ass which slaps against her co-star’s dick with every thrust. Her voice is soft and when she screams, it turns people on even more. Her blue eyes and red hair provide color contrast and look even sexier when she’s about to give someone a blowjob. There’s only one video on xHamster in which Harley Rose indulges in a steamy blowjob and it has around 50 thousand views – that’s her strong fanbase. For the first few minutes in the video, Harley sucks the guy’s dick as if it’s an ice cream stick.

At around the 3-minute mark, she takes out her busty breasts and continues to deep-throat the guy. Her hand technique makes sure that the guy does jizz in her mouth a couple of minutes later. After the climax, she bends over on the bed and lets the man do his work from behind. Initially, she rides him like anything and as the video progresses, we see her let him take the control. The video becomes pretty hardcore than with a tad bit of ass-slapping going around here and there. Finally, Harley assumes the doggy style position and the man continues to plow through her pussy like anything. In between, the camera shifts to her pretty face moaning in pain and pleasure as the guy thrusts his dick inside her.

Harley Rose


Truly, Harley Rose is the queen of seduction. Her other works include her on the bed with different sex toys such as vibrators and dildos. Those videos of her are also quite popular as fans who stuck by her side from her initial days still like to see her as a cam girl.

In comments, her fans have been requesting her for one thing and that is a strip dance. Only time will tell if we will get to see Harley Rose strip down and dance on someone’s lap or not. Meanwhile, one can always enjoy her vintage cam videos which got her to where she is now.