Chronic Love is a Caucasian adult entertainer from Illinois, USA. She rose to fame by using Pornhub as her platform. Gradually, her videos became famous and she branched out to other websites. Not much is known about this brunette beauty but there is a lot to write about her work because she does it in a way that no one else can copy. Like numerous other cam girls, Chronic Love’s niche is being a dirty but obedient cam girl.

What does Pornhub say about Chronic Love?

Chronic Love was born on 25 November 1994, which makes her 24 years old as of now (2019). We can gather that Chronic Love is an open-minded gal who just loves to have fun. Her relationship status on Pornhub reads ‘taken’. That means, her husband doesn’t mind her being a successful cam girl and that’s a sure sign of a healthy relationship.

Chronic LoveIn today’s patriarchal society, girls are not given a choice and have to conform to the rules and regulations imposed on them by society. However, some of the women in the porn industry are changing this by embracing their profession and recognizing their agency on their own bodies. Chronic Love is one of those strong ladies.

How is Chronic Love Different From Others?

Moreover, Chronic Love doesn’t discriminate and is interested in both guys and gals. That is something, which you don’t find a lot these days as everyone loves to work with a specific category. Her black hair and brown eyes give her the sexy look that she puts on in each of her videos. She began her career in 2013 and has since rocked the web with her 32B-sized boobs which can make anyone bust a nut in no time.

Chronic LoveAccording to other sources, Chronic Love weighs around 120 lbs and as we can see from her videos, has piercings on her ears and the navel. Her Instagram handle hints at as to what her real name could be – it reads ‘Marleyschroniclove’.

This could mean a number of things – it might that her significant other’s name is Marley or her own name is Marley. Whatever the case may be, one cannot deny the sheer sexiness on her Instagram timeline. Her curvy body and comely face make her stand out in the crowd. On her website, she writes that she isn’t just a pretty face and a sexy body.

She is something more than that. Chronic Love writes that she is someone a guy would want to talk more to. She is someone who spreads positivity and happiness wherever she goes. She is a human who cherishes and celebrates her own body while giving pleasure to other human beings on this earth.

What does Chronic Love’s Work Look Like?

Chronic Love has a number of videos on Pornhub – most of them feature her as a camgirl who can do all kinds of crazy things to get her viewers hard or wet (depending on who is watching). Chronic Love is very much into feet fetishes and a number of her videos feature her beautiful feet. In one such video, we see her teasing the fans by having the camera focussed on her feet and blurring out her sexy breasts and sizzling pussy. Indeed, she and her team do not lack creativity when it comes to the art of seduction.

Chronic Love

Like most cam girls, Chronic Love is handy with a dildo and she sucks it like no other girl can. Even the most experienced porn stars might fail to do what she does with the dildo in her mouth. She takes it in with such vigor and doesn’t let it go until she has devoured it. Indeed, if it was someone’s dick, that someone would have come in 10 seconds.

Final Words

She occasionally does live webcam shows for private parties and also has a premium Snapchat which you can have access to if you’re willing to pay some bucks. Chronic Love is considered a veteran when it comes to deep-throating dildos and dicks. However, there are not much media of her with another man or woman for that matter on websites.

Like many cam girls, she chooses to not let anyone in her private space. But that doesn’t really matter. Because when she plays with her round booty and huge boobs, the sexiness goes off the charts! Chronic Love has a long way to go in the porno industry if she chooses to become a full-fledged porn star. However, whether she takes the jump from being a premium cam girl to a full-fledged porn star or not, only time will tell.