xHamster is one of the classics. It’s the favorite of some to count on when it comes to good amateur content.

A clean site with dirty videos flocking every category. It’s like a stash full of porno that you all collected and decided to make a website out of.

Let’s start talking about this amateur porn site that’s filled with such content. We’re going to focus on the amateur division for this review.

Welcome to xHamster.com!

Landing on xHamster

xhamster homepage

xHamster is has a large gallery of legit amateur content. It actually boasts one of the best free amateur content on the internet.

We can vouch for how good the girls are on this site. Especially the amateurs who look like girls next door and hot housewives that seem to play once the husband goes to work.

Amateur porn is simply better when done spontaneously at a high level. That’s what makes the premiums a lot of money despite the models being non-professionals.

You’ll notice the quality of content on xHamster once you land on the homepage. It seemed like everybody had a mirrorless camera and shot themselves while fucking.

Not all porno is fake shit but at least the videos on xHamster try to make it legit. It’s real amateurs and real sex happening on all these videos. Even the studio-produced stuff are gems.

Users can contribute their own flicks as well. So if you think you are hot enough to star in a porn video, why not try to submit one yourself?

xHamster Amateur content

xhamster amateur

We’ve already established by now that xHamster is all about the amateur content. It’s one of the site’s main selling points.

Since users can submit their content, some of them just upload random sex videos with the purpose of sharing it all with all the porn pervs out there. Others are just reuploaded from other amateur porn sources.

It’s the matinee faces that are the main attraction at xHamster. The fresh faces being fucked appeal so much to the people that they crave to see the cum dripping from a creampie facial.

The thing is, this is the place to watch people get fucked for free either through a spontaneously shot video or upload.

xHamster amateur categories

All porn sites have categories and xHamster has the standard set of them. There are also accurate sorting tools where you can check the top-rated and latest uploads on the site.

Each category returns interesting results as the filters bring back promising content on the thumbnails. Like when you search for the top videos of the last day and see a mix of blowjob vids. The content is pretty mixed up with low and high-quality vids.

The important thing is that xHamster’s amateur category gives you what you look for. Some of its popular amateur categories are anal, MILF’s and blowjob videos. You can find hidden gems in the interracial section too. Those black amateurs sure know how to perform.

One thing missing though are long videos. There are only a few that hit the 40-minute mark and beyond. Well, it’s free content so don’t expect the amateurs to shell out a lot just to make a porno. All they need are their cameras for a site like this.

Active community

Another thing you might notice is the active community on the site, particularly with the amateur section. Each clip has a number of comments that you may find useful in critiquing what you’ve just seen.

There’s this one top video that almost reached 100,000 comments just because it was that damn good from production value to its stars. The said video was a British babe who really put on a good show from start to finish. More of that later.

The xHamster experience

xhamster video

So let’s take the said UK girl video as a gauge of our experience. We intentionally picked it since the comments for the video are skyrocketing due to how good it was.

Instead of narrating what happened, we’ll tell you the goods surrounding what made this video so popular. First are the full-HD resolution and VR capabilities. It was something good to watch on our VR goggles.

Masturbating to such a sharp image makes this porno so crisp clear that you’ll enjoy every detail from the time she takes off her clothes to the moment Miss UK here did her dirty deeds.

The blowjobs looked like it was being done to me first hand. We used a fleshlight while enjoying the video in virtual fucking reality!

Then it’s the detailed sexy curves in her body that caps everything up in making one heck of a video. That’s how good xHamster is when it comes to amateur gems.

Final thoughts

Overall, we loved how xHamster’s amateur division is pretty complete. We can probably host porn watch parties as a pre-game for sex with our respective hookups.

Some of the action is pretty spontaneous that it isn’t impossible for someone to do whatever they watched a few hours later. Maybe they can make their own homemade porn too if they had a camera.

The best amateur flicks are the ones with anal and orgies based on personal site experience. As for the other fetishes, there are some hidden gems too that covers your fap sessions.

If there’s something we wish the site would change is their account names. They could make things more convenient for their loyal watchers. A list of top accounts will do here.

It’s not the first porn site that revolutionized video sharing for the pervs out there but at least it helped set the tone on how to pound some fresh pussy.

Amateur porn is home for most of the good content in porn. xHamster’s amateur section should continue on delivering.