Ironically, good premium porn is made by the True Amateurs. We’ve been watching free porn for most of our lives that once we see premium-quality amateurs, we get forced to sign up.

There’s a certain appeal to these seemingly fresh-faced amateurs being fucked or pleasured in more ways than one. It just so happens that everyone appreciates a good quality home video. The scenes are just closer to reality.

Home videos are the closest you get to actual movies. There’s a setting, a spontaneous moment that escalates into hard banging until the two have fucked the brains out of each other.

It’s truly something you won’t see other than in amateur porn. That’s why we are going to talk about the True Amateurs right now and tell you why we enjoyed watching their content.

Hot True Amateurs doing premium stuff

true amateurs videos

Home videos are the best especially when a big studio funds it well. First thing you’ll notice when you land on True Amateurs is that each user-submitted video is really well made.

The site screens each video if it’s worthy of being on their platform. It should be since the site wants equal opportunity and are willing to pay its  successful contributors.

True Amateurs is another premium amateur site with that genuine feel because you won’t notice the fake orgasms and directors talking. It’s just like spontaneous sex shot in high definition.

You’ll see the site’s best performances upon landing on the homepage. The featured works alone are enough to get you excited.

Original spontaneous ideas

You have the freedom to make your own amateur sex video at True Amateurs. It’s like quality vlogging except that your content includes engaging in lots of sex.

It’s time to create your own original content based on spontaneous ideas in the comforts of wherever you are. You must step up your game too because True Amateurs prioritizes authenticity.

You can make a high-quality exotic performance or a sex video with your significant other. Just make sure it’s premium-level like the content you pay to enjoy.

No fuss submissions

True Amateurs has established that their site is no fuss when it comes to submissions. You’ll notice than the moment you land on their page.

Despite that, they actually encourage you to submit your home videos. Mind you, they are willing to pay as long you can provide good quality content for them.

This modern age has truly given everyone a chance for anyone to do whatever we please. If YouTube works for wholesome content, those who can perform well sexually will love True Amateurs.

It’s time to monetize those personal sex videos of yours. Just invest in a higher-quality camera and make sure you take some good shots. You’re having lots of sex anyway.

True Amateurs experience

true amateurs membership

Here’s the part again where we share with you our own personal experience with the site. Just to give you a disclaimer, it’s a members-only paysite so be sure you’re really going to get premium.

There’s a tab for “videos” where you can see which one seems promising or start with a specific starlet on the “girls” menu. Then of course there is “sites” where you can see a bunch of affiliated websites.

Unfortunately, we weren’t equipped enough for the best part so we just checked out the “Show off your talent” part for as far as we could without posting. You’ll see an option where you can be your own producer. Creative minds will love investing on it though.

As for the videos, we get the usual filters for the latest updates, top girls, and popular ones. It’s all good though since every entry has been pre-screened to meet the site’s identity.

One thing we noticed though is that the thumbnails aren’t like other porn sites. There aren’t any previews to see some snippets from vital moments in the video. Good thing the thumbnails of the videos we watched delivered on its promise.

The whole watching experience is pretty solid. It made up for lack of previews with a scrub bar that previews the scene on a certain timecode. Just hover your mouse on it.

Of course, we need to give credit to the videos itself. You’re getting amateur porn to the highest quality. Your premium subscription is justified with the quality of girls alone.

Final thoughts on True Amateurs

True Amateurs

We just want to tell True Amateurs that they did a good job providing us a new platform with great streaming and excellent video quality.

It also makes sure its community engages on each video with features such as comments sections and “like” and “dislike” buttons. Sadly, not all engage despite its videos being worth talking about.

One key thing we noticed though is how the site doesn’t update often enough. Loyalists may rin out of content to watch soon. Good thing they’ve got affiliates that give you other options when it comes to content.

Overall, we still liked True Amateurs a lot. It’s an original concept that allows original content creators to share their sex-ploits. Even the girls are hot as fuck. We mean Class A types that can pass as Instagram models.

These models actually know how to make a good full-length flick. Well, that’s also because True Amateurs won’t accept crappy entries.

Crowdsourcing for premium-quality content is a wise way to go. It lessens production costs whilst generating pretty much the same revenue. The only problem they might face is when its contributors could no longer keep up with the cost of creating high-quality amateur porn.

But if you are asking if it’s worth paying for premium, at a certain point it is.