Lusty couples choose

Just by the name alone, you know what there is a certain desire that needs to be fed. The soul demands what the eyes crave. Even the pickiest eyes will like to try this porn site.

So, before we proceed to talk about how naughty the content here is, let’s take a moment to thank all the couples that were game enough to participate in making this site a good place to share their sexploits.

Now, let’s start talking about their lustful deeds.

Welcome to Lustery

You’ll notice that there isn’t any porn preview or pic that welcomes you once you land on the site. All you’ll get is a short text of what is about and a button below that tells you to “join now.”

You need to scroll down to see the promise of this porn site. At first, you wouldn’t even believe it is an amateur porn site. You’ll meet the latest couples who have hopped on the platform to share their naughty stuff which is only supposed to happen behind closed doors.

These are all amateur home videos that are submitted by them in the hopes of making something fruitful out of your premium membership.

Just remember that you need to sign up before you can enjoy the content. Otherwise, all you can do is stare at the pictures of the couples.

Signing up for

The good thing about Lustery is that registration is free. That is enough to give you a slight peek at what this amateur porn site is about. Of course if you want more which you likely will, you’ll need to go premium.

There are three membership options: a month of unlimited access worth $25, three months for $15, and a full year which only costs $8 per month.

This one is crucial. You have to be mindful of your subscription because is reoccurring. That’s why it’s recommended to take the annual plan because if you forget to unsubscribe from the one or three-month plan, you’re still obligated to pay for the succeeding cycles.

Be sure to set a reminder in order to cancel your subscription on time. Just consider your premium membership like a long-term investment for your own sexual entertainment.

Content for couples

lustery couples

It should be obvious by now what we are trying to explain. is a premium amateur porn site for the couples’ niche. In short, couples porn.

The site design actually looks posh from the menu on top to the header texts and blogs. It is indeed a unique concept that not a lot of premium porn sites have applied yet.

There’s a lot of interesting things on this website. One is the variety of content present. There are photo albums, videos, blogs, and even an option to submit your own flick.

You’ll find a bunch of content once you log in to the website. We suggest you create a balance between watching videos and reading articles.

Lustery videos

lustery videos

You’ll see a wide variety of couple videos which are all amateur clips. Some are simple HD home videos while others don’t have much production value put into it.

If you are with your significant other or sex partner, you might find fantasy playing these clips on your bedroom TV or comfy couch. Some are hour-long videos while others are enough for a short time pop.

Some couples chose spontaneity and just went with the flow while others looked like they were built for this industry. There’s even one with two teen girls who discovered their lesbian pleasures here. Of course, you have the cringe older couples too.

The categories do not have a special section. What it has are filter options to sort the videos according to tags.

Know more about the kinky couples

lustery couples profile

We browsed around for a couple we felt like we would enjoy watching. All looked special since they even had info about their relationships. You’ll see it once you visit their profiles.

There, you’ll get to know more about them individually, as well as their tendencies as a couple. You can read more about their relationship, as well as their history as a couple and some personal snaps. Tagged under their profiles also are clips they were featured in.

You also have an option to place a certain couple under your favorites. The same goes for their videos and articles.

We haven’t talked about the blogs in detail yet. There’s not much difference between your normal blog site and the blogs on Lustrery. It’s only the content that differs.

Lustery even has podcasts which the couples guest on. There’s one more type of sex content to consume if you are a premium member.

Final thoughts on

Don’t be disappointed about the lack of special sections. You have several different ways to enjoy content on Lustery.

You already have a wide range of content suggested to you upon logging in. You’ll surely be interested in taking some time to experience each.

Aesthetic wise, Lustery is really pleasing to the eye. The website wants you to have a feel-good vibe as you watch a couple bang each other.

Props to the site for doing a good job. It isn’t very expensive too which is why you have to make the most out of what you paid for which is to watch other couples get wild and dirty.

If you wish to be naughty with your partner, You will love Just make sure you have somebody with you to enjoy these amateur couples.