Cam sites are more popular now, right?

People are getting bored as everybody is required to stay at home in quarantine. No amount of good porn in the world can beat actual human interaction.

That’s why the gay guys turn to sex cam sites for pleasure because why watch gay porn when you can be part of the action, right? At least virtually.

So instead of jerking off alone in bed, why not share the experience with somebody from the other side of the computer screen? Gays can be cam models too.

That’s what you have IGayChat for.

Find fellow gay men on IGayChat

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When porn starts to get stale, people would rather watch live performers, especially gay people.

On the science side of things, they still have testosterone. The only difference is that it rages to dick. That’s why gay cam sites are needed for them to release.

IGayChat is one of the newest cam sites on the internet dedicated to homosexuals looking for spontaneous pleasure rather than scripted filmed vids. There’s just more intimacy that way.

There’s also a chance of scoring love with one of the cam models of IGayChat. Chances of getting to score here are better than in a cam girl site.

You can get playful with the guys you hook up with on this site. Share some intimate moments you fantasize yourself doing in porn.

What type of men is on IGayChat?

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There’s a bunch of gay men on IGayChat that finding it hard to choose suddenly becomes a positive thing.

You will never run out of new flavors to try out from the skinny baby-faced ones to the fittest men you’ll see streaming live. Of course, there’s also the older, established men looking for someone to take care of.

IGayChat is mostly for fun but a lot of gay men spend some serious time on the platform. Some just want company or a venting partner while others want to do cybersex straight up.

This might be your chance to try out some curiosities. Maybe even find the right gay lover for you.

Why IGayChat is so popular

igaychat blog

There are a lot of cam sites online but others are more popular than its competition. IGayChat happens to be one of the better-known ones in its niche.

Men seek intimacy by nature. All the push and pull games are a lie. Deep inside, they just want a partner be it heterosexual or homosexual.

That’s why gay men dig the cam models doing shows on IGayChat. Porn doesn’t feel so intimate at some point. It’s like watching the same thing over and over again.

Watching gay shows live is completely free if you just want to watch them. You’ll need an account though to be able to stay connected.

IGayChat is also dedicated to its community through their blogs. It’s something you can follow other than the live male performers.

The blogs contain tips and advice on how you can raise your chat game. It also has reviews on some if its popular streams. It basically revolves around how you can enjoy the site more.

It is important that you sign up to enjoy the full features that IGayChat offers. Consider it another social media account since you will likely spend more time here.

More than just play dates

Obviously, things getting sexual is a common occurrence in any webcam chat site. When it comes to online dating, the chances of that are even higher.

Ironically, it might be safer this way than sending your nudes that will likely be spread around Reddit forums. At least on IGayChat things are more mutual.

Gay models are there to seduce their viewers. Some of them turn out to be vulnerable souls looking for love. Obviously some users fell in love too. It’s normal for literally every single cam site.

This one is a good platform though if you are looking for some new flavor in the words “Adult Entertainment” because it’s not always gay clubs and porn vids.

IGayChat isn’t a full-on dating site. It’s obviously a sex cam site where you can be part of some hot M2M action albeit sharing intimate moments.

You can be a cam model too!

Think you have what it takes? All you need to do is create a free account first. Not only will it allow you to chat with hot gay cam models but you can also be one as well.

It’s obviously another form of social media where its users can go live as long as they have an account. You can interact with fellow gay men. It doesn’t have to be a one-sided affair.

Of course, you can be as creative and playful as the streams you watch. It’s up to you on how you can entertain your viewers. You’ll likely fill someone’s sexual needs.

Just don’t attach strings on your viewers unless you have a mutual understanding with one.

Final thoughts on


Overall, IGayChat is one of the better gay cam sites out there. This one deserves a spot when ranking the top it’s kind.

It’s fairly new which means it’s going to be generous with its users for now. Don’t expect all cool features to be free in the future.

A fast-growing site like IGayChat will likely have more charges as time goes by. It’s not to screw you over though. That’s just the law of supply and demand.

What the site can do though is extend extra favors to those who helped make the site big. Like they should give a free premium account to its early members once they start charging.

It’s the spontaneity of men that makes gay cam sites better. It might also explain why IGayChat is growing at the rate it does. They tend to be more giving too than cam girls who want everything rationally equated to monetary gain.

So maybe it’s time you cut on your porn consumption and take advantage of a free cam site like IGayChat more often. Face-to-face interaction even online is better.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for IGayChat now. It’s worth a try.