Two things will come to your mind when you hear EroProfile. One is like something intergalactic and second is erotic profiles.

The latter applies more since we are talking about porn sites and social media is continuing its rise towards occupying our lives. One overlooked part of porn sites are the profiles where the videos belong.

People just crave interaction that they look for it even in a porn site. That’s why EroProfile is the highlight of our talk right now.

Let’s get right into it.

Welcome to EroProfile

EroProfile looks more like a hip chic forum until you look through the surface. It’s a community-centered amateur porn site filled with the usual selections for porn such as videos and photos.

You’ll have to scroll a little bit lower to see what the porn site is actually about. It offers plenty of features similar to the ones you see on the better porn sites.

Visuals are the focus of the landing page. It’s pretty unique since most porn sites would cut to the chase and preview several videos. You’ll have to do a little more staying to get to the videos.

What’s beneath the homepage?

We already told you that you have to go beneath the home page to see what lies within. Clicking on the videos section will bring you to the purpose of every porn site which is to entertain you with moving pictures of sex.

The first page on the videos section shows a bunch of independently-produced smut. The thumbnails alone show that it was made during the VHS tape era. Well, some of them. The others are more of home videos made for your viewing pleasure.

As for the photos, it’s pretty much the same as the videos. It consists of amateur shots that looks like it got leaked from an iOS 5.1.1 cloud. Still good finds though. Don’t be surprised if you find your school’s slut on EroProfile. It’s like scandals that usually get leaked at MySpace.

EroProfile community

eroprofile dating

There are two ways you can be involved in the community. There are chat and dating sections.

Just to give you an idea of how active the EroProfile community is, there are more than half a million members with thousands online at a time every hour. The thing is they make sure the community stays active.

Each user has all the vital stats on their profile including their name, age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, and interests. You’ll surely get to know who you interact with. It’s up to you if the match is compatible though.

It’s pretty much like a social media profile where you can see fellow users’ uploaded photos and videos. The best part is that you see their relationship status. Key tip? Not because they’re married that means they are no longer game for mingling. Go for it if you are a fan of home wrecking. But why the hell would a married person still be on such platform, right?

Other interesting EroProfile features

eroprofile locations

Want something more interesting? Check the “locations” section. All the sex-related places within a selected radius will appear on the system. You can also see the hottest spots your gender prefers. Strip clubs? Gay bars? Nude beaches? Even the hidden sex spots appear on EroProfile’s system.

Consider it a fuck-stop shop for all places sex. It’s like your Waze or Google Maps for these types of things. Honestly, though, the tool can still use some polishing since we tried to use it on our favorite hidden spot for jocks in Oklahoma but it didn’t come out despite it being a hit spot near the university area.

Watch out for red flags

EroProfile has its fair share of ads. It’s the only way the site will have some internal revenue other than the $8.95 monthly membership. Nothing new though if you are a die-hard porn consumer.

One red flag that should be noted is the lack of mobile optimization. Though the site advertises an app version, we didn’t feel like it. We’d rather keep our EroProfile experience on our computer screens.

The EroProfile experience

This is the part where we try our best to enjoy the entire website. First, we checked the photos and videos.

We did photos first where we found some barely legal gems of high school cheerleaders at their most barely legal form. You know the type where they act slutty but the pussy speaks virgin all over? That’s what they get for trusting those dumb jocks just so they would have a partner in prom.

Then, we go to the videos. We chose one that was close to what we enjoyed on the photos so we selected a teen. This teenager is so wild that we aren’t surprised if she just faked being a high schooler like every single American Pie cast member.

As for the video itself? We enjoyed what we saw from start to finish. Never mind that it wasn’t shot with the highest definitions. The fresh pussy can be seen very clearly.

Final thoughts


We had mixed feelings over the whole experience. That’s because there are goods and bads in every porn site. The only difference is that the contrast balance.

Honestly, there’s still work to be done in order to smoothen out everything with EroProfile. We just wish they had lesser ads since they charge for membership anyway. Still, they have a unique way of offering their services.

We’d like to talk more about EroProfile but we focused more on the first visit. It’s our third visit as of this writing since we’re kinda occupied with the people we met on the dating section respectively.

Anyway folks, we would recommend the videos as much as we vouch for the dating and chat sections.